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Big Brother 13, Aug. 28 – Twist or Manipulation?

In Porsche’s veto meeting speech, she says she is doing what Dani would have wanted, and that’s to not use the veto. Jeff says, “Bravo Porsche. You did exactly what someone else who’s not even in the house wanted you to do.”  Meanwhile, he knows he now needs Shelly’s vote to stay. Adam asks him if he should vote to make it tied two to two, and make Kalia break the tie. Shelly is called over, and Jeff asks her why she took everyone else’s word over his. It does end up as a tie, and Kalia breaks it, voting Jeff out. 

Rachel is shocked, as Jeff was one of the stronger people in her alliance, and suddenly it’s her and Jordan in the the house alone. Shelly explains that the only reason she voted the way she did, was because it seemed the only way for her family to get a chance. To get to those last two chairs, she has to take out the people standing in her way. 

On a scale of 1-10, Jordan places her anger at a 20. Rachel doesn’t understand how she and Jordan can be so bad at this game. In the purple room, Jordan reminds her that she gave her phone call from home to Shelly so she could speak to her husband and daughter, and she paid her back by evicting Jeff. Shelly is crying even more than they are. Jordan tells Rachel  she feels like the biggest idiot and like Shelly is just saying, “Ha ha.” 

Shelly is outside the door listening, and walks in noting if that’s really how Jordan thinks,then Jordan doesn’t know her at all. When Jordan calms down, Shelly wants to talk to her. As bad as Jordan feels, Shelly feels like [bleeped out] too. Jordan charges after her, saying she gave her a [bleeped out] phone call from home, when she wanted to talk to her family too. At this point she charges at Shelly, prompting Rachel to pull her up by the arm and yank her out. As she yells on the way out the door, Rachel tells her this isn’t her.

In the HoH comp, the houseguests have to utilize the same ball maze in the shape of a snake that they were given to practice with in the house last week. The further they roll the ball down the snake the more points they get, if they make it to one of the eye sockets, they get “snake eyes” for the most points. Jordan gets 18 points, Porsche 11, Rachel 13, Shelly 16, and Adam just 4. 

This brings up the head-to-head portion. Starting with the lowest two scorers, Adam and Porsche, they’ll go head-to-head, with the winner facing off against the next lowest scorer, until there are just two people facing off, and the winner of that will be the next HoH. Adam gets a 10, and Porsche 14. She moves on against Rachel. Porsche gets 20, and Rachel needs snake eyes, but gets just 7. It’s Porsche vs. Shelly, as Porsche gets snake eyes, and Shelly 15. The final two are Porsche and Jordan. Porsche gets snake eyes again, and Jordan falls just short, getting 16. Porsche wins her second comp in a row.

The newbies are excited, as Jordan feels her and Rachel lost everything, yet the others want to scream, jump, and yell. Rachel tells her she’s sorry, as she tried. Kalia is elated, as they’re not only safe another week, this means they made it to final five. Shelly and Adam embrace, as he notes they had a rough patch, but he needs to put the past in the past and go with the safest spot. Jordan lost every comp, and Jeff left the house. She has cried so much, she can’t even cry anymore.

Porsche finds a Pandora’s Box in her HoH room. She sees two boxes marked $5000 and a bottle of champagne with two glasses. She decides to go in and take the $10,000, but finds she has to split it with another houseguest. She is asked to read the second envelope to the other houseguests. The note explains that she unleashed duos back onto the house for just this week. All the original rules will apply, as they will be nominated as a pair, removed from the block as a pair, and will go against each other for the elimination.

Again for Shelly, it couldn’t happen at a worse time. Porsche and Kalia are teaming up, making the two of them safe for the week. Porsche knows opening Pandora’s Box is the worst game move she has made so far. Rachel and Jordan pair up, and if either of them wins PoV, they’re both safe. Rachel knows this gives them a new lease in life. Jordan feels the same. She was wanting to run out the door, but now it feels good to know there’s a chance with her and Rachel pairing up together. This leaves Adam and Shelly paired up together.

Pandora’s Box is an interesting twist. It definitely makes the week more interesting, but it has me wondering if it’s a way for the production to manipulate the game to make sure they don’t lose more veterans this week, after seeing two walk out the door last week.

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