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Big Brother 13, Aug. 28 – Twist or Manipulation?

Sunday night’s Big Brother played out a little differently than we’re used to. While Thursday’s episode stopped right after we saw Jeff sent home, instead of starting Sunday’s off with the HoH comp that we missed, they first have to show us the drama that we missed before Daniele’s eviction. Surely that impacted the evictions, as well as what’s happening this week, so it was something they didn’t want us to miss out on.

As we go all the way back to the night before the live evictions, Rachel approaches Jeff who is brushing his teeth in the HoH. She tells him Shelly had told her that he threw the corn hole comp. She explains that it’s not that she doesn’t believe him when he says he didn’t, but she wants to know the truth when it concerns the comp that got her fiancé evicted. 

In truth, Jeff did throw it, but knows he can’t tell her, or all hell will break loose. He’s a little heartbroken, though, as he talks “night in and night out” with Shelly, making him now wonder if she’s really on their side. He’s had about all he can take of her and her “buddy buddy” with Daniele. It’s too much back and forth, and he doesn’t like it anymore. 

Shelly asks Jeff what he’s all upset about, and he tells her there is too much back and forth, and he doesn’t like it anymore. “Everybody’s best friends.” She gets that someone spilled the beans about her trying to flip the house to keep Daniele. 

Ninety minutes before the eviction, Shelly asks Adam if he’s said anything to anyone about flipping. He says he hasn’t told anyone anything. He wants the two of them, along with Jeff and Jordan, to be final four, but if she “starts acting crazy,” they’re not going to make it. Seventy-five minutes before eviction, Jeff realizes something is definitely up with Shelly, so he needs Adam on board to be sure they get Dani out of the house. Adam ends up telling him about Shelly’s plan to keep Dani. Jeff gets angry, and Shelly walks in, telling them to say whatever it is in front of her face. She tries to blame the whole thing on Adam, but really, she just outed herself. 

One hour before the eviction, Jeff is talking to Jordan, Adam, and Rachel, and Shelly walks in. He tells her he thought they were on a team, making Shelly ask if they’re off the team now because of what Adam said. There isn’t anyone in the room that thinks it’s Adam’s fault, including Shelly. Jordan is in shock, saying she’s super-disappointed. She feels like Shelly used her and Jeff’s big hearts to get her further in the game. Shelly throws Adam under the bus, saying he’s been talking to Dani as much as she has. Jeff asks Shelly  why she told Rachel that he threw the bean bag comp. He wants to know why Shelly didn’t just come to him. She obviously doesn’t have an answer for that.

After Dani gets evicted, Shelly is scared that it’s a double eviction, being that it’s a week she has a major blowout with Jeff and Adam. Kalia calls this week bittersweet and a double-edged sword. The person she wanted to play the game with more than anyone else is gone. Jeff isn’t feeling too remorseful, as Dani is a great game player and came after him first. Jordan knows she has to win the HoH to protect her and Jeff, as well as Rachel. 

After Kalia won, she knew right away she had to make it a good one. For Shelly, it was an outstanding outcome. All the pieces seemed to fall into place. Jordan is very hurt, and she’s sure Jeff is super-disappointed. Adam is kicking himself for not winning the HoH, saying it wasn’t just for him, but his team.

Shelly, Porsche, and Kalia discuss who to nominate, and consider putting Jeff and Jordan up, but Porsche points out she is just a vote, and never going to be a player. Kalia doesn’t want to put up Jordan, as they have had a deal since the first week. She nominates Jeff and Rachel, with the target being Rachel. Rachel knew she would nominate them, as she thinks Kalia is afraid of them. 

After Porsche wins the PoV, she thanks her dad for bringing her to the ball pit when she was a kid. Rachel is convinced it’s her being voted out, seeing herself as public enemy #1, and believes the others will take their shot to get rid of her. Jeff brings up that he saved Porsche with the last PoV. Jordan also thinks Porsche should use it. Meanwhile, Porsche goes into the storage room and does a victory dance. 


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