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Expedition Impossible: Finale – Gypsies: Currently in First Place

Impossible Thoughts
• Jeff as they enjoy a pre-leg meal – “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” Um, that would be quite the plot twist.
• John points out the obvious that losing this leg makes all the other wins meaningless. It’s not like the Amazing Race where you at least have some trips to fall back on for winning legs.
• Host thinks this leg is a “culmination of everything they learned.” Not sure if that’s true. Driving 22 miles in a Ford Explorer was a skill most of them already possessed. Except Erik.
• NO HEAD START!! Really, for the Finale, no head start for the winner of the semi-final. Come on, Show!
• AJ says the mid-leg elimination has never happened before. Never. In the long, storied history of this show. Please make these people stop talking.
• TASK 1 – Row a boat for two miles to a mine site. AJ’s oar breaks and he and Ryan fight. AGAIN! Meanwhile, Akbar is forced to bail out the Footballers’ boat as it takes on water. Later they wisely put him in the middle, but the damage was done.
• TASK 2 – At the mine site look through four piles of rubble for two amethyst stones and use them to trade for Arabian horses. My favorite part of this was Erik shoveling the rubble and totally missing the sifter. Reminded me of Gene Hackman in Young Frankenstein.
• AJ thinks horses are the “Great Equalizer” and that all animals in Morocco have attitudes. This coming from the animal in Morocco with the most attitude.
• Gypsy Eric is complaining about riding the horse and not having a big butt. He had to go to his happy place. He must share a happy place with Sir Mix-a-Lot where big butts are the norm.
• Arriving at the mid-point in first (of course), Gypsy John makes a Three Amigos joke. All of the other teams have to beat their own El Guapo, who happens to be the actual El Guapo. Yes, the Gypsies are El Guapo.
• TASK 4 – Drive 22 miles to the ancient city of Makkarresh and find the market square. This was as exciting as a famous white Bronco chase, except there was no murderer in any of these cars. We assume.
• TASK 5 – Navigate the market streets to the Saadian Tombs but they must translate the clue first.
• As AJ employs the Follow the Gypsies plan, Eric says they always look back and see teal. Well, just don’t look back.
• TASK 6 – Using a map, follow numbered, patterned doorways to the secret entrance to the prison. Um, why is there a secret entrance to a prison, wouldn’t that mean there is a secret exit? Do we want prisons to have secret exits?
• No Limits stumble upon the Gypsies as they search for the Task 5 clue as the Gypsies work on Task 6. The Gypsies help them go back, which almost bit them in the butt later on.
• AJ takes Fab 3 out of the city and out of the race. Good thing he knew where he was going.
• No Limits uses child labor to find their path. Thanks, kid.
• TASK 7 – find and solve a hidden Moroccan Puzzle Box. Gypsies find it and begin solving it as No Limits arrived, thrilled they have passed Fab 3. Jeff is doubly thrilled to see the puzzle box, as it is clear he practiced before the Expedition.
• TASK 8 – Open the box, get the key to unlock a ladder, then rappel over the wall and race to the end. Gypsies do it first and almost have an issue when Eric forgot his pack. It seems they need their packs to check in – unlike the Amazing Race. But it was just false drama as they win and earn $150,000 and three Ford Explorers.
• Jeff is thrilled with second and he should be. AJ says he loves Ryan, who is like family to him. He turns to Kari and says, “and this girl…” And I yelled, “IS FAMILY!” Granted he said some nice things about her, but I just had enough of AJ.
• Gypsies raise their purple flag to end it and that’s it…oh wait, there is a GIANT Ford commercial at the end. Yay! Sigh.

That’s all folks, see you in two weeks for Survivor’s return.

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