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Top Chef: Just Desserts 2 – Ep 1 – Have Fun Storming the Castle

Red Riding Hood wins, basically thanks to the superior showpiece. The Goldilocks team finishes second thanks to really telling the story well through the food.

Lina is scolded for rewriting the Grimms, and then Melissa turns on her by saying all of the crappiness was Lina’s idea. Elvis points out that Melissa’s dish wasn’t all that good anyway, and that Lina overpowered her. Somehow it took Tamarin 10 hours to make a sad dish that felt cheap. Napoleon lacks maturity and was rescued by his teammates.

In the end, Lina is taken out, and told to pack her tools and go, a shameless variation upon the Padma kiss off. Might as well just do the same one at that point.

Quickfire Hits
• Vanarin thinks that Gail is beautiful (agreed) and that Elvis’ eyes cut deep to your soul (um, I’ll take your word for it).
• Rebecca looks like Top Chef winner Steph’s younger and slightly less attractive cousin.
• Amanda thinks winning immunity it is “almost like a Get Out of Jail Pass.” Does she even know how to play Monopoly?
• Nelson doesn’t know anything about Grimm’s fairy tales because he grew up in Argentina. What, do they not translate classic stories in South America? And speaking of, if you have never read the original non-Disneyed versions of these stories, you are missing some gruesome tales.
• Melissa says that in Hansel and Gretel “they eat the children, that wouldn’t make a good dessert.” No, it wouldn’t. No, it wouldn’t.
• Lina needed to go just for mispronouncing chimney. This ain’t Mary Poppins.
• Megan – “The sound of sugar crunching is the sound of hopes and dreams crashing.” Um, ok, but that green scarf is still cool.
• Unsure which of the eight chefs in the top teams said to the six losers, “smile with your eyes,” but they should be punished accordingly.
• I am proud one of my fellow Silver Spring, Marylanders won the stupid Bravo poll this week. Woo!

This season – This season – Wonka. Veruca Salt! The real Veruca Salt!!!! Beastie Boys. A Real Housewife. Ugh. Food orgasm. Sugar Hooker. Orlando yells and cries. Nasty lollipops.

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