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Top Chef: Just Desserts 2 – Ep 1 – Have Fun Storming the Castle

Quickfire – Make a modernized Soda Jerk treat. Interesting, that with no frame of reference as to the skills of the chefs, Lina was already wary of Napoleon. He just looks and sounds like someone to avoid. Meanwhile, she decides to make a treat inspired by Elvis…to be judged by Johnny Elvis! It reminds me of all of those singers who chose to sing “Unchained Melody” for Simon Cowell. Why take that on? The other things that stood out to me – well, not much else. Megan’s green scarf was cool, and the chefs all wore those rockin’ white paper hats.

1 – Micro Cake with Shattered Banana Carpaccio and White Sauce Chefs: Melissa Camacho and Vanarin Kurch.

2. Almond Crispies, Raspberry Sauce, and Butter Pecan Ice Cream Chefs: Craig Poirier and Lina Biancamano. As Lina mentions Elvis Presley, Johnny Elvis gives her a glare. Uh oh. He asks how this dish is modern and Lina says that was a good question. That’s the standard response to mean – crap, you got me.

3. Chocolate Egg Cream with Île Flottante, Citrus, and Lemon Chefs: Katzie Guy-Hamilton and Matthew Peterson. Elvis wants to know if there is something at the bottom, implying that the drink was pretty boring. There wasn’t.

4. Caramelized Bananas, Wafer Crunch, White Chocolate, and Butter Pecan Ice Cream Chefs: Sally Camacho and Chris Hammer

5. Breakfast Milkshake Chefs: Rebecca Masson and Carlos Enriquez. Rebecca found it cute to see Gail and Elvis drink it like a 1950s dating teenage couple.

6. Chocolate Sponge Cake, Pickled Cherries, and Pistachios Chefs: Amanda Rockover and Nelson Paz. Elvis points out how good the cherries taste.

7. Feuilletine, Brûléed Bananas, Chocolate Ice Cream, and Chocolate Syrup Chefs: Orlando Santos and Megan Ketover. Elvis asked about the NFG – the Non-Functional Garnish. Oops.

Bottom Two – Orlando/Megan, because a banana split is just a banana split. And, Napoleon/Lina, because if you throw Elvis in his face, you must back it up.

Top Two – Carlos/Rebecca – the shake had great taste, texture and presentation. And, Amanda/Nelson – the dish had great balance and presentation. It was enough to give Amanda and Nelson the win, the immunity, and their choice of Elimination Challenge teams.

Elimination Challenge – Using classic fairy tales, teams must make a showpiece and two desserts for a Fairy Tale Gala.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Chefs: Nelson Paz, Orlando Santos, Rebecca Masson and Sally Camacho. Gail and Theoden were very impressed with the showpiece. They also felt that the desserts sounded like treats that bears would really like. Theoden was especially impressed by the too hot, too cold, just right theory.

Baby Bear’s Porridge, Hot Ranier Cherries, Basil Syrup, and Cherry Sorbet Chef: Rebecca Masson

Almond bar and Fruits of the Forest with Honey Ice Cream – Chef: Sally Camacho

Little Red Riding Hood Chefs: Amanda Rockman, Carlos Enriquez, Chris Hammer, and Matthew Peterson. Gail was stunned by the sugar work in the showpiece, and she is a sucker for tapioca. She also thinks the basil really adds great flavor.

Rose Scented Bomboloni, Coconut Tapioca, and Red Berry Gélee Chef: Amanda Rockman

Blackout Sponge Cake, Cocoa Nib Nougatine, Poached Cherries, and Micro Basil Chefs: Matthew Petersen and Carlos Enriquez

HANSEL AND GRETEL – Chefs: Vanarin Kuch, Melissa Camacho and Lina Biancamano. Elvis can’t believe there is no candy house, but Dann thinks it did capture the wonder and terror of the story. Tamarin explains that his brioche was designed to capture the essence of the woods in your mouth. First, ew. Second, as Elvis rightfully points out, what freaky woods is he walking in that has pineapples growing in it? Dann thinks the soft textures in Melissa’s meld together.

Butterscotch Brioche, Goat Cheese Mousse, and Smoked Pineapple Chef: Vanarin Kuch

Chocolate Cloud, Milk Sherbet, and Hibiscus Apple Seltzer Chef: Melissa Camacho

Jack and the Beanstalk Chefs: Craig Poirier, Katzie Guy-Hamilton, and Megan Ketover. Napoleon Dynamite wants to make cotton candy clouds for the showpiece. That should say it all. Elvis likes it until he checked out the back and found tons of mistakes. He found the ginger flavor to be a whoosh on his palate and Dann thought the cake was one note and dense.

Bergamot Clouds, Whipped Lemon Ricotta, Sweet Pea Sorbet, and Spiced Golden Syrup Chef: Katzie Guy-Hamilton

Brown Butter Hazelnut Cake, Lemongrass Stalk Infused Cream and Passion Fruit Chef: Megan Ketover