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Big Brother 13, Aug. 25 – Newbies Finally Show Up to Play

Rachel faces the other houseguests again for a last speech before the final vote. She tells them it’s been great competing with them, and she wants them to make the decision that is best for them in the game. She’s also one of the people that takes the game seriously and loves it. Jeff tells Adam he’s his boy, then addresses Shelly. She knows they had the blowup earlier, but they worked together in the house this whole time. He mentions something odd about making and molding her to be a better person. He would like her to respect him and respect Jordan, who is already in tears.

In the live vote, Jordan and Adam vote to evict Rachel, while Porsche and Shelly vote to evict Jeff. Jordan does it through tears, and Shelly does as well, but does it for her family. It’s up to Kalia to break the tie, and she votes to evict Jeff. Oddly, he doesn’t spend too long hugging Jordan. He seems to be in complete shock that his game suddenly took this turn. He was having a good game, but the wrong people won at the right time for him. 

Outside the house, Julie asks Jeff if he feels backdooring Dani was his downfall. He doesn’t see that at all, as he had to make a big move, and nobody in the house seems to “have a sack.” Wow. He sees it as he’s the only one who would have done anything, and had to step up and do something. The people who slept until now won a couple of comps. They all looked at him to be a leader, and it wasn’t what he wanted. He’s just a man who fights for his team. Julie notes he’s a little fired up. 

Here’s the thing, Jeff. There were others in the game with a sack. But you backdoored one, and made another one feel like absolute shit for going against you. Dani does have guts and played the first big move in the game which went against her. She played the next big move and evicted Brendon … twice. Jeff pulled the next big move and backdoored her, and that forced Shelly into trying to make a big move. Porsche won when it counted and avenged her friend’s eviction. She, Porsche, and Kalia voted the way they needed to for their friend, as well as trying to get to the end of the game. 

The show ends with Jordan and Rachel in tears consoling each other, and Porsche consoling Shelly. This week tore these people up, and there’s no more flipping. The sides have been drawn. Jordan and Rachel’s only chance is for them to now win HoH, in which they would surely nominate Shelly, and either Portia or Kalia. Everyone plays for PoV now, so there is no more “true” backdooring. If Porsche or Shelly wins PoV, they need to nominate Adam and Rachel. Adam has no game and is gone as soon as someone cares that he’s still there. If he wins this next HoH, it will be the first time he’s stepped up, other than his PoV win to save himself.

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