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Big Brother 13, Aug. 25 – Newbies Finally Show Up to Play

Live tonight, Julie Chen explains the house exploded today when Jeff learned Shelly had flipped sides once again. Julie tells the houseguests that Brendon is in the jury house, and he’ll soon have company, either Daniele or Kalia. They won’t be alone for long, as tonight is a live double eviction. After either Dani or Kalia is voted out, they’ll have a full week of the game before the hour is up. There will be an HoH, nominations, a PoV comp, PoV ceremony, and another live vote. 

Before the first vote, Dani faces the other houseguests. She tells them first and foremost she is honored and blessed to be given the opportunity to come back a second time and thanks anyone at CBS who played a part in that. Since season one she has been a fan and has had the greatest respect and love for the game. It very much saddens her that she’s the only person there that feels that way. It also saddens her that people in the game are so scared to stand on their own two feet and use the brains the good Lord graciously gave them. She came to play, but it seems everyone else has another agenda, to write Jeff and Jordan a paycheck There are not regrets, and only choices, and at the end she can say she made her own. “Coolio.” Kalia can’t even follow that, so just says, “Vote for me.”

In the end, Rachel decides to stick with her alliance, and votes Dani out. Dani faces Julie outside the house and calls out, “Shocker …” She explains to Julie that everyone in the house just seems to want to push Jeff and Jordan ahead. No one can make their own decisions. She thinks Adam is the worst player to ever play the game. She came to play the game and made a big move early on when she was in a good position. It looked like she would be coasting until the end. She’s not a coaster, though, and is a fighter. She got bored with the golden key, and trying to get Jeff out would have been a good play if it worked.

In Daniele’s goodbye videos, Shelly tells her if she’s seeing it, their efforts to do the “little flipperoo” didn’t work.  She’s really impressed with Dani as a player and appreciates that they got closer in the end. Jeff wishes they could have worked together, but says she couldn’t trust her. Kalia didn’t expect to come into the house and make friends, but “shocker,” she’s crying. The last thing she will do will be making sure Rachel gets to see her “stupid fiancé,” and that Jeff is right behind her. Rachel couldn’t care less about Dani’s jury vote, and calls her arrogant, rude, and a horrible bitch. She also hits where it hurts, saying she’s not half the game player her dad was.

Julie offers Dani a chance at a rebuttal. She can only say that Rachel is what you see. Everyone says they hope they’re getting the right edit, but how can you edit “something like that,” indicating Rachel and her parting words to her.

It’s time for the next HoH, and it’s a Q&A type comp. Julie will read two house events, and they’ll have to decide whether the second one happened before or after the first. Everyone gets the first question right, knowing the cow comp came before the superhero comp. Adam is the only one to get the second question wrong. The pepperoni comp came before corn hole. Question three is whether Dominic said everyone sucks at the game before or after saying everyone needs to man up and get some guts and fight. It’s After, and everyone is eliminated but Kalia and Jordan.

 For the last question, Kalia and Jordan are asked if the Have Nots were given jerky and jelly beans before or after the houseguests stuffed their mouths with gum in a power of veto comp. Kalia knows it was before and wins the game. She, Porsche, and Shelly celebrate. Shelly finally made the right game move at the right time. She flipped sides to get further in the game, and doing so was at a perfect time when the other side would suffer a loss, but then be able to control the game as well.

As they all walk into the house, someone belches. I’m not sure who it was, but I’m pretty sure it’s female. It could have been Kalia. She gets  up to make her nominations and says she’s going to stick to her word. It’s nothing against Jeff and Rachel, but she has to nominate them.

For the power of veto competition, everyone is playing except Jordan. I’m not sure how that was decided, but I expect they drew for who was playing during a commercial. Those that are playing will have to run across the yard and search for two yellow clown shoes in a ball pit. The first person to find both shoes and return them to the show box one at a time, then retrieve the PoV symbol, will win. Kalia is never even in this game, and in the end, the person who has been ending up second place in every competition, Porsche, wins. She finally showed up. 

In the PoV meeting, Rachel congratulates Porsche for winning the veto. She knows she’s only in this spot because she lost HoH and the veto. She thinks if Porsche keeps her it will be good for her game; if not, it’s been a good game. Jeff makes note that actions speak for themselves, and if they think they want him to stay over Rachel, then that’s how it is. He tells Porsche she did a  nice job winning PoV, and he’d like her to reciprocate for taking her off the block. He also tells her she has nice hair. Dani decides to do what Dani would have wanted, and that’s to not use the veto.


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