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Big Brother 13, Aug. 25 – Newbies Finally Show Up to Play

The twist this season of bringing three former pairs back into the house has made this into an interesting competition. It was veterans vs. the newbies from the start, and the vets in control even after Dick Donato left the game early. The newbies were also-ran sheep. Kalia is the only newbie to have won HoH. The newbies’ role was relegated to deciding only which veteran to support. But tonight, the newbies finally showed up to play the game.

After Jeff announced he was replacing Porsche on the block with Dani, thereby backdooring her, she just slunk off away from the others. She didn’t want to say anything to sink any ships. She genuinely likes Kalia, but was still going to be campaigning for everyone to keep her and vote out Kalia. Rachel decides Daniele is horrible, super-cocky, and arrogant. 

Porsche is grateful to be safe, and calls it bittersweet, not wanting to choose between her two friends in the house. Kalia is in tears, saying it’s pretty clear Jeff’s target is Dani, so she’s planning on laying low, but her best friend is being taken away. If Daniele stays, Jeff will be shocked, as it will mean his alliance isn’t what he thought it was. 

Daniele does as planned and doesn’t give up the fight. She hits up Shelly and asks what she’s thinking, telling her if she ends up staying in the house, there’s a lot to be done. She just needs three votes, and knows she can count out Jordan and Rachel, but does know she has Porsche. She just needs Adam and Shelly’s votes. Dani explains Jeff and Jordan are the last couple and will be final two together guaranteed. Rachel is as well, as everyone hates her, so will drag her to the end with them, meaning she gets fifty grand for being “a disgusting human being.” She asks if she has a shot for Shelly’s vote.

Shelly wants some assurance that Dani won’t put her up. If she keeps Dani in the house, Shelly has her word on her grandmother’s life she will never nominate her. Jeff and Jordan are Shelly’s biggest allies in the game, but if she goes to final three with them, she knows they will win and she’ll get zip. It’s a tough decision to go against the people giving her the greatest gift, their friendship, but she doesn’t think she has any other options. 

Shelly hits up Adam, explaining they won’t be able to beat Jeff and Jordan unless they break them up. At final three, it’s 2-1, and they will take each other. She tells him if they work a deal with Dani that says she 100% won’t put them up, they have a good shot at getting to the end. Adam thinks she has a good point, but wonders if it’s really worth it. He doesn’t know if he can trust Dani, and besides, if he goes against someone and they beat him, then they beat him. But if he sticks with someone who says they’ll save him, and they end up backstabbing him, it’s his own damn fault. Shelly is incredulous, saying he won’t win against Jeff and Jordan, but if he did, he’d have a half million and all the metal concerts he wants. 

Dani thinks Adam must have a deal with Jeff and Jordan to not budge on it at all, or figures maybe he’s just in love with them. She realizes he is afraid to flip, as he doesn’t trust her. He needs to be strong enough to make a big move, and if he doesn’t, he won’t win. She doesn’t think he uses his brain, and just defers to using Jeff’s brain. Because of this, she knows she’s going home.

The houseguests get a new game in the back yard. It’s a ball maze in the shape of a snake. Adam promises to practice all night. Shelly notes if he beats her, she’s going to have a heart attack. She can’t get a vote from him to keep Daniele, so now she has to work with the one person she least wants to work with, Rachel, to see if she’ll keep Dani. She mentions the corn hole competition to her and explains Jeff threw it … for  Dani. The worst part is that it was the one that sent Brendon home. Rachel is upset, and knows Jeff if only looking out for himself. If he did that to Brendon, he’ll do it to her too.

Rachel and Dani talk in private about Jeff throwing the veto. Rachel wants to know if he told Dani he was throwing it. It wasn’t in those words, but Dani says that’s what was implied. Rachel tells her if she was to come work with her, she’d have a second shot in the game. Besides, Rachel knows if she keeps Dani and Jeff, who are at odds with each other, it might be the better game move for her. Dani tells her Jeff and Jordan will win the game. Rachel asks if she has the votes, and she explains she has Porsche’s and Shelly’s, but Rachel doesn’t think she really does. 

Rachel knows if she votes for Dani, she could just keep quiet and blame it on Adam. Dani knows she has hope at this point. It’s a glimmer of hope in “red extensions and furry boots.” She will do anything to stay, even if that means making a deal with the devil.


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