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Q and A with Emily Rose of Syfy’s “Haven”

Episode 6 of Syfy’s hit series “Haven” finds star Emily Rose living the same day over and over again. The star discussed the episode in a recent Q&A. The supernatural drama is based on the novella by author Stephen King. Now into the second season, Emily reprises her role as the confident, complex FBI agent who makes her way through the puzzling world of Haven, Maine.

Haven’s viewers will see Audrey live out her own personal Groundhog Day. Audrey is stuck repeating the same horrible day over and over. She is the only person who knows what is happening in the strange town. Audrey must figure out how to stop the day from repeating. Emily finds what is happening to Audrey can sometimes affect her on a personal level; it has even left her asking “Why should Audrey stay in Haven?”

She wondered how she was going to step up the urgency for each take. After going through the script, she began to write a timeline and it wound up being a good acting exercise for her. Her character is currently entering a new life phase; she has jumped into a relationship with Jason Priestley’s character Chris Brody, and Emily believes she did it “out of dysfunction.” Audrey is oblivious to Lucas’ (Nathan Wuornos) feelings for her. There may be a few twists and turns that could point Audrey in a different direction, according to Emily.

Emily talked about her role in the CBS series Jericho and how that part helped her prepare for how great the fans are, but it did not really prepare her for the supernatural aspect of Haven. She feels her video game background helped her a lot more. The video game Uncharted has been most helpful to her in terms of maneuvering around Haven’s supernatural maze. The mythology and long term mystery is what makes the series so fascinating.

Emily is different from Audrey, but at times is affected by what she feels. Emily is happy to have a fantastic family, friends and a great sense of humor. Audrey thinks faster than Emily does. “She processes really quickly.” Emily is personally very happy with her husband and family. She has to be careful that when she comes home, she is Emily and not “bugged, frustrated and stressed out,” because Audrey can’t figure out what is going on. Emily leaves Audrey in Haven.

In Nova Scotia where they film Haven, the town is a big part of the show. It is serene with beautiful scenery that has many secrets lurking around; Emily calls it “a major character on our show.” You watch the show and there is a lot to take in and absorb, but the scenery makes it even more off, because it is completely normal looking. There is no crazy CGI or generic sound stages, just a beautiful town. It brings more texture and life to the series.

Emily revealed a few interesting secrets, but in true Syfy code, she could not tell us everything. There will be a big Lucy development, and viewers will finally learn what that curly red wig was for and what exactly Audrey’s attachment to Lucy is? She also revealed they shot scenes in towns they have yet to film in, including Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. There will also be a little more Stephen King creepiness than usual.

There have been a variety of guest-stars on Haven including EDGE and Jason Priestly, who not only guest-starred, but directed an episode. It is always nice for her to work with such professionals. EDGE was very unassuming and “kind hearted.” she was expecting something different, but was happy to work with him. Priestly is great to learn from. “He is encouraging,” and it was an honor to work with him.

Two guest stars in particular Emily would like to see join the Haven family are Eddie McClintock of Warehouse 13 and Matt Cullen. She talked about McClintock welcoming her to the Syfy family and how happy it made her. She would love to work with either one of them and loves Eureka. She thinks if they ever do a crossover show, it should be with Haven and Eureka.

As for the social media networks, Emily is fine with using them and sees them as a portal to connect with family, friends and fans. She does like to keep her personal life to herself and is willing to share what is going on in her professional life, but as for being available all the time, that is not going to happen. Sometimes she just wants to turn off her phone and chill out. She does appreciate the fans and the fan-made videos. She feels the connection and loves going to the conventions not just asa star but a fan herself.

Season three of the series has not been announced yet, but Emily was told they could hear as soon as October whether or not the series will return. Her hopes are that the series does come back, because there are so many story lines that could be done, and her character could do so much. She would love to see the show have a panel at Comic-Con next year and be a part of the Syfy café. She loves the Syfy viewers and fans and is optimistic that season three will happen.

The actor Emily most admires is Kathy Bates of Stephen King’s successful book turned into a film, “Misery.” She does not label herself as a true Stephen King fan as far as his books are concerned, but she does enjoy some of films including The Green Mile and Stand By Me. She thinks the true King fans are amazing. She loves the richness and vast texture that King brings to his characters and the storytelling and would like to read some of his books during her off time.

I asked Emily if she could personally choose Audrey’s journey, and she said, “I think I’m always a fan of watching her get wrecked. I always wondered what she would do if she could not help people.” It is interesting to think about Audrey and what would happen to her if she were let go from the FBI or if she was not even a part of the FBI to being with, being that it is in her nature to help others. It could all be stripped away from her, bringing the question of what she would do if forced to help people or run from the troubles surrounding her. There is no easy answer, but Emily is doing an amazing job portraying Audrey.

Emily does have a dream for Audrey, though; she wants her to be able to explore different eras or timeframes for her love of costumes, and she would love to ride a horse on the show. An assistant calls for Emily and tells her she is “needed on set.” She does hope all the Syfy viewers tune in to watch Haven airing Fridays at 10 PM ET/PT on Syfy.

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