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Big Brother 13, Aug. 21 – Saddest Girl in a Sombrero

While all the others leave the HoH room, Rachel stays behind. Jordan returns, as does Shelly. While they’re all collected up there, Shelly wants to get something straight with Rachel. She tells her she has to stop rolling her eyes at her. She can’t help that she was on the block with Brendon and that she stayed. Shelly wants Rachel to stop talking behind her back. If this isn’t solved, one of them will not be in the group.

Rachel takes exception, saying to the diary room cam that Shelly isn’t going to tell her to leave the alliance. But she bites her tongue with Shelly, who proposes a clean slate. Jeff is very happy with Rachel biting her tongue, saying they need that to move forward. He thinks maybe some of the things he’s telling her are sinking into that noodle after all.

We’re finding out that Shelly isn’t a gourmet cook. She makes herself PB&J every day. Jeff cooks every day and asks her if she wants her him to make her something, but she never does. He notes she eats like an 8-year-old. She doesn’t recognize half the food in the house. She’s never seen a golden pear, and hasn’t heard of coconut water, avocados, guacamole, or half the stuff that Daniele eats. She’s always cutting up veggies making veggie sandwiches.

Of course, Shelly has been a Have Not and been on slop half the time she’s been in the house. The houseguests come back in the house at one point and find hard-boiled eggs and jalapeños. Jordan’s not happy with that, as she doesn’t get along well with spicy food. These are being added to the Have Not menu. Jeff gets to choose three people for Have Nots this week, which isn’t difficult. He makes Porsche and Dani Have Nots, as they haven’t been yet, and adds their best friend Kalia.

Kalia tells America they are no longer on speaking terms with her. First they sent Brendon back, then gave her jalapeños. Dani knows she does really bad on slop, so is worried about the comp. Porsche, wearing the sombrero that decorated the table with the hard-boiled eggs and jalapeños, announces she’s the “saddest girl in a sombrero ever.” Dani lets out a meek “Ole.” Meanwhile, the table has become a table for eight, and Jeff notes the others might be feeling like they accomplished their goal, but for him winning would be when that table is set for two, not eight.

Kalia talks to Jeff outside, telling him she realizes she’s obviously one of the three who could be on the block. He admits she’s definitely in the pot. She acknowledges all that, and adds if she were to be on the block with someone who the others would absolutely hands down vote out, that would be great. He’s not impressed, and it’s making him question her even more. If she is his target, it would be nice to know. He admits that two weeks ago he was her target, so she has to expect repercussions.

Jeff tells Dani he’s sorry for making her a Have Not, but that’s the least of her worries right now. She wants to make sure their deal is still good, saying she hasn’t even said anything about it to Kalia. She asks if she plays in the veto, what he asks her to do. She offers to somewhat throw it, saying she’d feel like she’d have to use the veto if she won it. She’s scared, though, of the backdoor. Jeff wants her to keep feeling safe, as he doesn’t want her stirring up trouble.

Porsche tells Jeff she wants to keep playing in competitions, and wants to win at least one before she leaves. Jeff notes it’s day 49, and this is the first time Porsche has come up to him and talked game. If she’s going to be the target, she wants to at least play in the veto competition.

If Jeff puts Daniele on the block and she wins veto, she’ll know he’s coming after her. She said she’d throw it, which he thinks would be dumb. He tells Jordan he thinks Dani is feeling pretty safe. If she does play and wins, then one of the other two leaves. He can’t trust Dani at all. If he does get her out this week, he knows she’ll throw every stone and name at him. He doesn’t want to upset her. If he puts her on the block, she knows for sure they’re after her and will come after him the next week. On the flip side, he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t thinking of doing it anyway.

Porsche really thinks she’s going up on the block. She doesn’t think she’s the biggest target, but whoever is put up as the pawn could be going out the door. Kalia is pretty sure she’s going on the block, as she put Jeff in danger of going home before. Dani does feel Jeff will honor their agreement, but it is Big Brother, so she never feels safe.

Jeff has a really interesting order of keys in the box. You would think Jordan would be first, but instead it’s Rachel, followed by Shelly, Adam, Jordan, then Dani. She’s safe, with Kalia and Porsche on the block. He tells Porsche he wants her to prove to him she’s there to play. They’ve talked game for maybe a minute in all these days in the house together. For Kalia, this is her chance to feel the way he felt and take herself off the block.

Porsche is definitely going to bring her A game now. She thinks it’s messed up that Jeff wants her to prove herself. She really hopes she gets to stay. Dani’s closest allies are up on the block, and Jeff and Jordan have the whole house on their side. He could very well screw her over and backdoor her. Kalia’s strategy from the beginning has been to stay low, but now she needs to play her butt off to save herself. Jeff admits to the DR he’s trying to backdoor Dani. If he gets her out, Porsche and Kalia have no other choice to go in the corner and start crying.

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