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Big Brother 13, Aug. 18 – Second Time's the Charm

In Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother, Adam had just pulled himself off the block, and Dani replaced him with Brendon. This pleases Shelly to no end. She feels safe, as she’d been told by Dani that she wasn’t the target. She knows she was safe with Brendon as the other target. Brendon comments, though, that he didn’t fight his way back just to be evicted again; no one is going to evict him twice in one summer.

Daniele freely admits that Kalia’s HoH week was a complete disaster, and now it’s left up to her to clean up the mess. Brendon has to go home this week. He thinks she’s intimidated by him, as this is her second time trying to get rid of him, which he sees as a stupid move on her part, as she’ll be making two enemies in the house again.

Brendon and Rachel go in the Have Not room and blame themselves for it. He tells her that even if he was to go home this week, the reason he came back was to remind her that she can do this. They discuss the evil grin Shelly had on her face, and want it known it’s far from over. He thinks they need to reassure Jeff and Jordan they still want to work with them, as if they flip, he’s done. If they get their votes, they just need one more, from either Adam or Porsche. Shelly assures her position with Dani, and once that’s done, she says, “Cool. Now I smoke.”

Brendon and Rachel work on securing their place with Adam, telling him that he isn’t their target. Brendon asks what would keep him from voting for him, and Adam tells him it would be because he’s hard to get out and a good competitor. He’s a roadblock in Adam’s way . Brendon asks if he’s a bigger threat than Dani is, then lays the groundwork for getting him to see that Dani seems threatened by all the guys, and with just them and Jeff left, it’s not good, as the women win all the HoHes, and the guys all the PoVs.

Rachel, of course, is “ready to fight for my man,” and tells Porsche she’ll do whatever it takes. She wants to know where she stands, and Porsche tells her she isn’t a huge fan of Shelly staying, but she also sees Brendon as a huge threat, smart and athletic, and knows it will be hard for them to beat him later on. Rachel tells her Shelly had said she was going to put Porsche on the block if she won HoH, yet Rachel and Brendon obviously aren’t going after her. Wow. That’s obvious. Porsche point blank tells her when she voted to keep Brendon before, it didn’t benefit her at all and only alienated her in the house.

Jeff is trying to decide which way to go this week, as for him it’s choosing between two alliance members. On one hand, if he keeps Brendon, he keeps a bigger target than himself in the house. On the other hand, he can keep Shelly, as he thinks he can trust her. He knows he’ll always look back to this week and this moment, and hopes he makes the best choice. He talks it over with Jordan, and they don’t trust Rachel and don’t feel they need her. Jordan feels they need her though.

Dani sits down for a chat with Jordan and Jeff wanting to know where the three of them stand. She admits three weeks ago, Jeff was her number one target, but she sees that now as one of the worst moves she made this season. They discuss that there are some people there that don’t deserve to win the game. She wishes the three of them could come to an understanding where they didn’t have to be afraid of each other. Brendon is leery, as it’s like making a deal with the devil.

Rachel tries working on Jordan to secure her and Jeff’s votes. Jordan tells her if they vote for Brendon, they piss off Shelly and Dani, and Dani would break the tiebreaker to keep Shelly anyway. Brendon just hopes they tell him beforehand if they’re getting rid of him. Jordan just wants to go along with the house so as not to piss everyone off. Rachel tells her if it was Jeff on the block, they would vote to keep him no matter what. Jordan tells her to get more votes then, and she’ll vote for him. Rachel asks when Jeff and Jordan became such cowards and decides they’re in the worst alliance ever. She doesn’t realize Jeff and Jordan had to move on when Brendon was evicted; they can’t bust up their new alliance they’re working on.

Jordan finds Jeff and tells him what happened, and he’s ticked off, as he doesn’t appreciate Brendon and Rachel ambushing her.  Jeff approaches them, and it’s not long before Brenchel brings it up. Jeff tells them if they don’t get Adam onboard, he and Jordan have to vote with the house. When Brenchel get upset, he tells them they’re pointing the finger at him and Jordan like it’s their fault, but no matter which whey they vote, Brendon goes home. And even after he leaves, he and Jordan still have to play the game. He’s told he’s not the one who was a target three weeks in a row, but he tells them he was on the block too.

Julie Chen talks to Dani in the HoH room and asks about Brendon coming back in. Dani admits it’s horrible in every way possible. She always says you have to go with your instinct as you can’t control anything else. With her original nominees this week, she was trying to look at it logically and realized Brendon was the number one competitor. If he won, he’d stay. She needed to guarantee he’d go, so didn’t want him to play for veto. She only pretended to broker the deal with Brenchel, just in case he stayed in the house. She wants it known that this makes it the smallest girl evicting the biggest guy twice. Dick hasn’t been fond of her gameplay this season, but he has to like that.

In her goodbye speech, Shelly notes the things that make you successful in life can’t make you successful in Big Brother. This week she saw dignity, class, and honesty in the house. Jordan gave up her greatest treasure in letting Shelly have the phone call from home, and some of the others came and ate their dinner outside the door when she was in solitary confinement. She’s invested in all of them now. Brendon realizes he’s going, so thanks the people allowing him to do cancer research, and also thanks America for voting him back in. He realizes he’s the first juror and tells the others his vote in the end will be for the strongest competitor, not someone that rides coattails. To Dani, he tells her, “You’ll always be Judas to me.”

As expected, Brendon is voted out 5-1. Talking outside with Julie, he’s asked if he would have ever kept up his end of the deal with all the times he and Rachel offered her a truce. He’s not sure, but knew from the beginning he and aAchel would be playing by themselves. At some point, everyone wanted both of them out. He expects Rachel to win HoH now and shake everything up. If she can’t, she just needs to ride the middle as long as she can. Ironically enough, that’s what they got mad at Jeff and Jordan for doing.

In Brendon’s goodbye messages, Dani talks about the ups and lowest of lows between them. She’s now evicted him twice, and if he comes back again, she might have to evict herself. Kalia tells him she has no idea why America voted him back in, but the good news is he’s leaving again. Jeff tells him no offense, but he wishes Brendon were staying by himself. He’ll look after his fiancé as much as he can stand, but he really wishes Brendon would have left an instruction manual for her. Rachel tells him she loves him, of course, and that she’s less emotional without him. She’s going to kick butt and take names and make it further than he did last season.

In the HoH, the houseguests have to move down a slippery lane and fill up a bowl using just a tiny little cup. It’s one of these competitions that will take awhile and isn’t necessarily fun to watch, so we’ll find out the winner of this one Sunday night, that is if you’re one of those who doesn’t pay attention to spoilers. We’ll see if Rachel gets a shot at kicking butt, if Kalia keeps control for her and Dani, if Jeff and Jordan take control for only the second time, or if the others finally decide to step up and play the game.

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