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Expedition: Impossible – Ep 8/9 – The Legend of No Limits

Episode 9
• Jeff to his teammates – “Together, the two of you make a whole man.” Gypsy John in response – “And two of you make one Gypsy.”
• One day stage – that’s good. Task 1 – Go from the village to the river, find a guide and a raft and head down the rapids to the mule bridge.
• Gypsy Taylor thinks this is “pretty much the semi-finals.” Um, the second to last episode is in fact the semi-finals.
• After the Gypsy three-minute head start, ALL THE OTHER TEAMS GO NEXT! So, No Limits has no consequences for finishing far behind the other teams. Ugh.
• Kari is proud to being one of the only two girls left. For a minute I had to think about what she was talking about, but then I remembered Cop Dani existed. Sadly, in their elimination show, she doesn’t even get a confessional.
• Cops crash into the rocks and start to take on water. And a rather unfortunate crotch shot of the guide. What did I say about the good camera shots?
• Next task – climb up the hills and grab a box with provisions. But you must solve a word lock to access the clue inside it. The riddle was “sometimes you pass by them, and sometimes go inside them, and recently you spent a lot of time between them.” Five letters, and likely a plural as AJ rightfully pointed out. It took them a while to figure out the answer - “banks.” Taylor is the first to get it, followed closely by Kari. Fab shares it with Footballers, and the Gypsies share it with No Limits. Sigh. Race, people, race. I know it’s a slow moving one, but it is a race. Dani and Rob get it for the Cops fairly quickly as they arrive 20 minutes behind. So, they catch up and move up fast.
• Next task – trek over the canyon walls back to the water and paddle over a mile to the next point in a traditional Moroccan tin boat. Part of the water is some weird cement-like liquid.
• Next task – hike with the supplies on your back, including a floatation device – which the Cops manage to drop. Ricky picked it up in case it was a Fab mistake, and dropped it again when it turned out to be a cop. It saved the Cops some time, but not enough.
• Next task – Hike to “widow’s ledge,” two miles due west. Then rappel through the tunnels to a tiny cave. Then match a pot to a logo to get the next instructions. The cave was really small and really dusty. And pretty dark too. AJ’s claustrophobia, and Akbar is huge. No Limits was the last to find it, and had only two people searching as Erik was unable to, and were up against the wall.
• Next task – find the wheat field and the finish line. AJ is happy they made it to the finals. “Our goal was to make it to stage 10 and for the most part, we have done that. No. You actually DID do that.
• Gypsies, Fab and Footballers anxiously watching easily the most dramatic moment of the show as the Cops and No Limits race to the finish. Gypsy John – “How can you not root for them (No Limits), a blind guy and a guy with a broken leg?”
• Cop Jim says it is tough to “go out on a technical mistake.” Not a tech mistake, a bonehead mistake. He says they are “like the team that almost made it, that’s how we see it.” Um, how can you NOT see it that way, because that’s exactly how it is! A bunch of Captain Obviouses on this show.
• Ike’s cast is off. Game on.
Order of Finish – Gypsies, Fab 3, Footballers, No Limits and Cops (ELIMINATED)

Next week – It all ends.

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