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Expedition: Impossible – Ep 8/9 – The Legend of No Limits

So, now we come to the end. Four teams and a finale that few will watch. The Gypsies have won eight out of nine legs – doing so with as little charisma as possible. Fab 3 has internally fought all the way, and managed to all come across as whiny and obnoxious. At least Kari is sporting the knee high teal socks again. The Footballers have muscled their way forward, despite an amazing inability to do anything in the water, and the multiple cases of either copying other teams, or having clues provided to them. And No Limits. Clearly I am rooting for No Limits to win, but I just can’t see them pulling that off physically. The Gypsies deserve it, and if they do, we can talk next week about what is likely the most dominant reality show performance in history.

Now – some thoughts on these two episodes:

Episode 8
• Jeff said that if he was in Vegas, he would have bet that Ike had a fracture. He doesn’t, just ligament damage. First of all, don’t go to Vegas with Jeff. Secondly, that would be the strangest gambling table ever.
• Ike – “I’ve gone through much more difficult situations.” Yeah, at least no one is shooting at him this time. But, honestly – this situation is still pretty difficult, especially when you have to refer to war as something more difficult.
• One of the few times I agree with AJ – anyone who says they didn’t want No Limits to be out due to Ike’s injury was lying.
• Task 1 – Rappel down the cliff and hike to the lake and paddle a kayak to checkpoint.
• Instantly the Gypsies’ head start is gone. Again.
• The Cali Girls slam into the cliff. Twice. Natalie really messed up her thigh and knee.
• Task 2 – Paddle some more. Got to Prison Island. Boy, that place must have terrible tourism. I’d much rather go to Butterfly Island.
• I would like my own video file of Akbar and Robert flipping over and going under water. Great camera angle. For all of my complaints about this show, one thing I cannot complain about, in fact, I must praise highly, is the camera work. Some incredible visuals put forth by the show.
• Akbar didn’t know what a catamaran was – but I can’t kill him for that, I had to Google it in order to spell it.
• Of course, the Cali/FB battle to get to the checkpoint was moot – it’s a 2-day leg, so no consequences for finishing last. In fact, you wind up tied with the team that has already arrived.
• Cali Girls were on the Junior Golf Circuit together. I think there is a teen coming-of-age movie in there somewhere starring Selena Gomez.
• Fab 3 bickering – AJ would rather be anywhere than on a boat with Ryan. Yawn. Ryan says they were spinning like a bad carnival ride at a bad fair. Why would you spend 20 bucks to go to this fair? Unless the kettle corn was exception, I guess.
• Loved seeing Christina explain how she thought she could sail because she can windsurf. Golf and windsurfing – these are some everyday gals, aren’t they? She thought it would be better than paddling. Hysterically, Brittany wails, “WE ARE PADDLING!”
• Dani Cop speaks!!! But only to order the boys to paddle. I said as this week’s episode began that if the Cops made the finals they would have gotten the worst edit of any reality show finalist ever.
• Interesting to see AJ and Ricky scheme, as EI’s version of alliances take hold with Fab/FB vs. NL/Gyp. Not sure what Fab 3 has gotten out of this relationship so far, but whatever.
• Task 3 – Swim to the mainland and hike. A lot. Erik loves swimming because it is very tactile. Makes sense.
• AJ bitches about Kari’s stomach issues, and rightfully calls her out for her bitching about his illness earlier in the season. “KARI! Get your ass moving!” Well, I think that may actually be the problem.
• Ike’s cast begins to unravel – wasn’t sure if that was foreshadowing at the time. He said his pain was 10 on a scale from 1-10. And that’s the Ike scale. Mine would probably be about 100,000.
• Seeing it coming down to No Limits and Cali Girls, I thought – “boy, this show is either about to get a lot less cool, or a lot less good looking this week.” Well, for once, I’ll take cool over good looking. Order of Finish – Gypsies, Footballers, Fab 3, Cops, No Limits and Cali Girls (ELIMINATED)

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