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Expedition: Impossible – Ep 0 – Why I failed to report this week

I am going to curse once in this column – so fair warning. To be honest, I had tons of others I’ve said aloud this week.

Apologies to all, this week’s Expedition column will incorporate last week’s and this week’s. I do have some pretty good excuses though.

Wednesday – Drove to Atlantic City to scatter my parents’ ashes on the Boardwalk with friends and family.

Thursday – Recovered from far too many drinks and trips to the blackjack table, and drove back from Atlantic City with a splitting headache. The hangover was so bad, I had to break a cardinal rule of mine and wear flip-flops in public.

Friday – Back to work, but more importantly, and depressingly, noticed our beloved cat’s recently faltering health was taking a turn for the worse.

Saturday – Took her to multiple doctors and spent half the day in vet waiting rooms. Spent the evening at the county fair with the kid. Stomach returned to its Thursday state.

Sunday – Took the cat back to the hospital after she didn’t improve. Lots of worry setting in.

Monday – Back to work, and then, the awful call from the vet. Cancer has claimed another loved one of mine.

Tuesday – Realized that Expedition column has gone unwritten, and the new episode airs tomorrow. And it wasn’t even a bad one for once!

My apologies, dear readers, but sometimes shit gets in the way.

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