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Project Runway 9, Premiere – The Height of Fashion

Now it’s the low scorers’ turn to face the judges. Bert and Viktor, naturally, start sniping at each other, but do manage to tell the judges that Viktor had made the skirt, while Bert had made the bodice. Michael says it looks old, while Kim says the bodice looks like it was made from curtains. Bert denies being in charge, while Viktor starts off by saying he “owns it,” then quickly does an about- face and denies responsibility for the look, adding that he “won’t go home for it.” Not your call, dude.

Bryce and Fallene are next, and the judges call their look “Black Swan” with no detail. Kim says it looks as there was no effort put into the look. Michael likes the headpiece – but hates everything else. Heidi asks who should go home, which annoys me. Either a designer shows a lack of faith in their own abilities and names himself/herself or they throw their partner under the bus and name them. Bryce tries to take a third option and suggests both of them, but Heidi points out that it’s not a double elimination. Bryce then names Fallene.

Finally, Joshua and Julie have to face the judges. Julie tells them about wanting to make a matador costume, and Michael retorts that doesn’t mean the look has to be tacky. The judges say the look is too costumey, but acknowledge that it’s well-made.

After that, the judges dismiss everybody to deliberate. They start with the designers they liked. Anthony and Laura made a beautiful outfit that could work with or without stilts. Danielle and Cecilia both know how to sew and work with difficult materials. Kimberly and Becky made a cohesive look with great pants.

Onto the designers they didn’t like. Joshua and Julie’s matador look was tacky and had too many details. Bryce and Fallene’s ballerina looked like a “black swan” and a “dance hall girl.” Viktor and Bert were both badly behaved and made a look reminiscent of “ugly drapes.”

Heidi announces that the judges have reached their decision. She praises Anthony and Laura for their good work and says that Laura is the winner. Anthony, of course, is in. So are Becky and Kimberly, Cecilia and Danielle, and Joshua and Julie.

Heidi scolds Bert and Viktor for their appalling fabric choices and tells Bert that he’s in. Heidi then chides Bryce and Fallene for their boring ballerina look, and tells Bryce that he’s in. Wrong choice, in my opinion. Fallene does lack confidence, but she also made the headpiece, the only part of the look that anybody liked. Fallene and Viktor are therefore left in the bottom two, and Fallene is sent home.

Next week: The designers have to make something for Nina Garcia.

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