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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 9 – If You Go to Italy with This …

There is only an hour left to prep both kitchens, a big task for four people. Sous chef Scott comes in and asks if Jonathan is out. They all say yes, because he never showed up for any of the tasks. How much you want to bet that his shoulder will be feeling better in time for service. Too bad he isn’t thinking about setting an example for his children right now. None of the blue team want him back on their team. After having slept the entire day, Jonathan returns to the kitchen with less than an hour till service.

The red team has to finish the blue team’s prep, because the blue team could not complete it.

The doors to Hell’s Kitchen are open; with Chef Ramsay now present in the room, I am curious to see if Jonathan’s shoulder has a miraculous recovery.

Tonight’s special guests are U.S. Coastguard officers. Carrie is on a pizza station. She is not doing well at all and has completely shut down the kitchen. Jamie steps in and tries to help her. Appetizers finally go out in red kitchen.

Jonathan and Natalie can’t get the appetizers out of the blue kitchen. Jonathan overcooks the pasta; Natalie adds no salt to the mussels. They were the orders for the Coast Guard. They re-fire the dishes. Natalie asks Jonathan if he is ready; he says yes. Natalie then notices that Jonathan never put pasta on for his pasta dish, the one that is ready. He needs to just go home. They try again. Chef Ramsay tells Jonathan he has tasted better canned spaghetti. It needs to be re-fired again.

Chef Ramsay calls Jonathan in to the pantry. Jonathan says it is a pain and he doesn’t want to be a bitch; what a derogatory comment. Chef Ramsay points out that a past winner cooked with a broken arm. He goes on to tell him if he has given up, he needs to get out of the kitchen. Jonathan says he is going to step it up and fight back.

Blue team finally starts getting appetizers out. The red team is really communicating tonight. Everyone is thanking everyone and things are moving smoothly; almost too smoothly.

Blue is a mess. Tommy opens an oven door in front of Natalie and she almost falls. Tommy thinks it’s funny; Chef Ramsay finds no humor in it and calls Tommy on it. He actually gives Tommy oven opening lessons.

The red kitchen is moving along, but their dining room must all be meat-eaters. The meat station is being slammed tonight. Out of nine entrees only one was fish. Elise is rocking the Wellingtons.

Blue team is still trying to get out appetizers. Chef Ramsay calls them up, and brings them over to look at the red team. Tommy announces they are going to blow them out of the water. I don’t know; someone is going to have to fall hard on the red team. They have three tickets left, compared to the blue team who has eleven. Will is embarrassed because he knows all the cooks in the blue kitchen are better than anyone on the red team; I guess that’s why the red team won today.

Tommy is running around the kitchen failing horribly. Chef Ramsay calls everyone in blue up again to look at Tommy’s meat. It was cold, colder and coldest. He turns to Tommy and tells him that he made him look like an ass in front of Wolfgang Puck today and asks him if he is done. Tommy says no; Chef Ramsay says “well I am done with you”. He gives Tommy another chance.

Red team is on their last table. Elise tells the diary cam that she is so proud of the red team and the way they allowed her to lead them to victory tonight. I just want to scream. Red team finishes.

Blue team finishes, but there is no way they are the winners. Both teams are in the dining room after service. Chef Ramsay congratulates red team for a fantastic service. Elise is ready to accept an award. To make it worse, Chef Ramsay calls her out for her effort on the meat station. Granted, she rocked that station; but Elise’s ego is so large already I think he is creating a monster.

The blue team needs to nominate two people. That is an easy nomination. Jonathan is just passing the buck to Natalie. Even though we all saw him trying to cook pasta, he stands by his word that Natalie was cooking it. I don’t like Tommy either, but Jonathan really needs to leave. He left his team high and dry two weeks in a row.
Chef Ramsay asks Paul for the nominees. They first nominate Jonathan for his slow start; they don’t even bring up the fact that he did nothing at all for the loss. The second nominee is Natalie because of a slow start on appetizers. This doesn’t seem fair since she was just re-firing tables because Jonathan’s appetizers were unacceptable.

Chef Ramsay calls them both down to explain why they should stay. Jonathan makes me want to scream again, stating he is not a quitter and never would quit. He is completely in denial. Natalie is also asked. She has a lot to say. She says she was frustrated, because she had to babysit Jonathan.

Chef Ramsay says the person leaving tonight is … “Natalie, take your jacket and get back in line.” Natalie is a mess. Jonathan is going home. He takes his jacket off and has a wife-beater on underneath; he gives Chef Ramsay a really strong handshake. It certainly does not look like he is suffering from a pinched anything. Chef Ramsay tells Natalie she has one more shot.

As the red team is walking out, Chef Ramsay again congratulates Elise. Jennifer knows this is going to blow her ego out of control.

Chef Ramsay says the only thing worse than the pain in Jonathan’s neck was having to listen to him blame everyone else for his failures. He felt he had to put him out of his misery.

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