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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 9 – If You Go to Italy with This …

Elizabeth and Natalie are next with their version of Cobb Salad. Elizabeth makes a traditional Cobb Salad; it looks a mess and is a bit too traditional. Natalie’s looks more like a salmon appetizer with a small bit of greens. Chef Puck says it isn’t a Cobb salad, but he likes it and could call it something else and serve it at his restaurant. Blue gets the point. Elizabeth doesn’t understand, since Natalie made a salmon entrée.

Elise and Will are next with spaghetti and meatballs. Elise is told her dish looks like she fell on the way up there, and it is a mess. This makes Carrie, who is behind her, happy, which doesn’t make sense since this is as much about spaghetti as it is about failed leadership. She should have given Elise the pizza, knowing that she would do a good job with it. While Elise’s plate is a mess with sauce everywhere, when Wolfgang tries to pick up some of Will’s spaghetti, it all comes up together in a big ball. It is very, very dry. Neither team gets a point.

Jennifer and Paul try to impress with their version of chicken soup. Jennifer makes a tasty Southwestern Chicken Noodle. Paul makes an Italian Chicken Noodle, which to me, looks very brothy. Wolfgang Puck thinks the flavors of Paul’s dish fall flat. Red team is awarded a point, giving them a one-point advantage.

It all comes down to the pizza. Jonathan doesn’t even want to take the pizza up there. Tommy leans over and tells Jonathan it is a good pizza, and they need the point. Jonathan has put on his baby panties today and is refusing to take up the pizza. Chef Ramsay is livid. Jonathan finally caves in and brings it up.

Carrie makes a shrimp and basil pizza. Wolfgang Puck asks her if she tasted it; she says yes. I think she is lying. It looks and tastes raw. She was so worried about what everyone else was doing, she failed on her own. Wolfgang is disgusted that he is served something like this. If red loses this challenge because of pizza, there will be no end of Hurricane Elise. Tommy whispers that theirs is definitely cooked more than that, like that is a good thing. It’s only half raw.

Oh Jonathan’s pizza looks disgusting. There is actually oil just floating around the top of it. He should get a point for acknowledging that it is unacceptable, instead of lying like Carrie did. Wolfgang Puck asks where he has ever seen a pizza like this. He goes on to tell him he will be arrested for something like this in Italy. Chef Ramsay is amazed that it smells like honey.

Jonathan has had it. He says he is standing there looking like an ass because he had no say-so in the creation of this pizza. He said all he did was roll the dough. Tommy stands by his creation and blames Jonathan for not cooking it properly. Chef Ramsay won’t even ask for it to be tasted and tells them both to go back in line. Neither is awarded a point in which was probably the easiest category to switch up.

Red team wins the challenge; Carrie believes it’s because she was the leader. Jonathan is fuming. The red team gets a day in Hollywood at the Laugh Factory. They are sent to change. The punishment for the blue team is going to be dealing with Jonathan all day. Not really, but my guess is that it is going to be bad. They have to clean and prep both kitchens and clean the dorms, all before service starts tonight.

The blue team are about to start cleaning when all of the sudden Jonathan feels a pinched nerve in his neck. He goes upstairs to relax. He has babies at home to worry about; he can’t be hurting himself. After the contestants clean up the mess from the challenge they head upstairs to start cleaning the dorms. Since Tommy was the leader, he is given two toothbrushes and told to clean the bathrooms. Jonathan is still nowhere to be found.

The ladies take convertibles down Sunset Blvd. Elise has this weird headpiece with black and fuchsia feathers on it. They arrive at the Laugh Factory and are sitting at the front of the theater. Kira Soltanovich walks out; a comedian and regular on the series Girls Behaving Badly. The first thing she notices in the audience is Elise’s headpiece. She asks what happened on the way over, if she was hit by a bird. They are all having a great time.

The blue team has moved on from cleaning the dorms to prepping both of the kitchens. Jonathan is still nowhere to be found.

The red team returns and has a set of cookware waiting for them, each of them. Elsie says it was the chocolate covered cherry on top of a great day.