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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 9 – If You Go to Italy with This …

Last night, when Chef Ramsay let Krupa go, we were told that he wasn’t done. Tonight we find out what that means. I wish it meant we were saying goodbye to Elise or Jonathan but I don’t think I will be so lucky. We didn’t even have to wait a week to find out, since Fox is airing these shows back to back every week. Well, let us find out now.

Chef Ramsay tells both the teams they are lacking in leadership and asks them to nominate someone and give him an answer first thing in the morning. This is a no brainer for me, Will for the blue kitchen and Jennifer for the red. Right away as the ladies are walking back upstairs, a few people tell Jennifer they want her. She is actually surprised by it; she leads so well, she doesn’t realize she is doing it.

The entire blue team is all for Will being the leader. If Chef Ramsay really wanted to switch things up he would have the nominated leaders switch teams.

I thought with Elise being one of the two that automatically said Jennifer, that this would be a given. Not so; Carrie thinks she would be the best leader. What the heck has she been smoking? Carrie decides she is going to vote for herself; she is nuts. I don’t think anyone has respected her since the first night that she slept with a guy who was voted out so early, I can’t remember his name. Jennifer isn’t even sure she wants to be the leader; she questions if they can even be managed. They could always allow Carrie to do it, which in essence would be her shooting herself in the foot.

The contestants all meet in the dining room the next morning. Chef Ramsay asks Paul if he is the leader; Paul says no, it’s Will. Chef Ramsay is pleased with that decision.

Elise is asked who their new leader is; she says Jennifer. Chef Ramsay is surprised, but not in a bad way. He says the strength of a leader is to understand the team’s own weaknesses and strengths. Our political leaders should take notice of Chef Ramsay’s statement.

Chef Ramsay asks Jennifer who on her team is the weakest leader. She says it would be Carrie. The way Chef Ramsay words that question, I would agree with Jennifer. You cannot lead anyone that doesn’t respect you, and Carrie doesn’t have anyone’s respect. I don’t think Elise does either, but when she barks at them, they all seem to listen to her. He asks Will the same question, and he quickly says Tommy. He believes Tommy’s biggest faults are listening and speaking.

Oh, Chef Ramsay, you are wonderful. he decides he is going to give Tommy and Carrie the chance to prove their team wrong. They will be leading the kitchens. Elise’s eyebrows just popped off her face. Will says “there is always a twist; this is Hell’s Kitchen, not predictable kitchen”. Predictable Kitchen is my house, if it’s Sunday, it’s sauce night.

The challenge is to take five stunning American comfort classics and evolve them. Tommy and Carrie will get to decide what each person cooks. The other contestants must come to them for leadership and direction. They are given 45 minutes. What a train wreck this has the potential to be.

Carrie easily assigns everyone a dish; Elise starts whining because she wants to do pizza. This is sure getting old. All the contestants in red kitchen are working on their dish, although Elise is dragging. Blue kitchen has not even started yet. Paul, Jonathan, and Will are just standing at the counter waiting to be told what to do. Jonathan tells Tommy he wants to do the pizza, a barbecue pork pizza. That sounds really good. Tommy says no. He wants him to make a flatbread pizza with white truffle oil, pistachios, mozzarella and honey. Jonathan doesn’t have a clue and keeps asking Tommy for feedback. Tommy just ignores him.

While the blue team is getting no feedback; the red team is getting too much. Carrie tells Elizabeth that she wants the chicken in the Cobb salad to be breaded. Carrie is so focused on what everyone else is doing, Elise counters back when Carries asks if pasta is dropped. Elise says it is and asks if her pizza is in the oven. Nope, the pizza wasn’t in the oven. Raw pizza might even stand a chance of winning over Jonathan’s.

The judge for this challenge is Wolfgang Puck. Jennifer is starstruck. Burgers are first. Jamie and Tommy both come up to present their burgers. Jamie makes Lamb Burger Sliders with Red Onions. He thinks it is a little overdone, but has good flavor. Tommy wanted to put a Japanese spin on his burger, so he cooks it in soy and ginger. Wolfgang Puck grabs Tommy’s hand and asks if he sees all the color of his tattoos. Tommy says yes. Wolfgang says that’s how he likes his burgers, with color. He could have added a slice of Jonathan’s canned pineapple for a dash of color. He tastes it, but isn’t crazy about it. Red Team is given the first point.