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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 8 – Wading in the Wellingtons

Elise has let her guard down and slipped back to the order-barking control freak. She starts calling out 3 different tickets which confuses everyone. Krupa is completely flustered and ends up overcooking her meat.

Blue kitchen is sinking. Jonathan is still blaming Tommy for the Wellingtons; now it is Tommy’s fault that they are overcooked. Hang it up Jonathan and take some responsibility. He knows that the Wellington is not going to pass, yet he brings it up to the pass anyway. Natalie has never cooked a sea bass in Hell’s Kitchen and instead of asking for advice she goes at it on her own. Both entrees are brought up to the pass for the same table. Chef Ramsay looks at them, turns to the kitchen, and calls them all to him.

Right away Chef Ramsay points out the small size of the Wellington. Jonathan says he knows, it shouldn’t have happened, and it won’t happen again. I think I see steam coming out of Chef Ramsay’s ears. He then turns to Natalie and shows her the fish; it is raw in the center. He tells Jonathan and Natalie to get out of the kitchen. Jonathan storms off saying he is sick of it, throws his apron down and announces that he quits. Chef Ramsay calls after him; “come here you”. Jonathan says “you can kiss my ass” and keeps walking. Well this is good news for Natalie, maybe even Krupa.

Chef Ramsay meets up with Jonathan in the hallway. He tells him that he would respect him more if he told him the Wellingtons were overcooked before he brought them up to the pass. Again, Chef Ramsay is told that it won’t happen again by Natalie. Jonathan walks back up to the dorm with Natalie. If things go the way they have in the past, Jonathan will go home for giving up. Jonathan is still blaming Tommy for the failure of his Wellingtons. Tommy, Paul and Will are the only three cooks remaining in the blue kitchen. They seem to be operating much better without the dead weight. Funny, the Wellington problems have stopped also. Both kitchens finish service.

Chef Ramsay says he is looking for greatness and did not find it tonight. He announces that the losing team is red, which causes Tommy to grin, and blue kitchen tonight. Each team has to come up with two individuals that should leave Hell’s Kitchen. Seems like an easy task tonight.

Blue team comes to an agreement that Natalie and Jonathan will go up. Jonathan is still blaming Tommy for the overcooked Wellingtons.

Krupa recognizes that she is the obvious choice for the red team. The second one is obvious to everyone but one. Elise thinks Jamie should be the second person nominated, everyone laughs. Elise asks what is so funny. Elise and Jamie continue to bicker until Jennifer steps in and tells them to shut up.

All the contestants go back down into the dining room with their nominations. Will is called upon to give the nominations for the blue kitchen. First up is Natalie, because of her obvious problems with the fish station. The second nominee is Jonathon, again for the obvious problems on the meat station.

Carrie is asked who the nominees are for red team. Krupa is the first nominee because of her problems with the meat station. When Carrie is asked for the second nomination, she stumbles a little bit before she says Jamie. She is obviously upset by it. Chef Ramsay asks what’s the matter. She says Jamie only sent up one raw sea bass but everything else was fine. Chef Ramsay realizes that clearly Jamie was not Carrie’s choice. He asks her who her second choice is. Get ready for the fireworks. She says her second nomination would have been Elise. She points out that Elise continually was yelling out tickets. I wish she would say that she does nothing to help the team during the challenge losses. Elise thinks Carrie is intimidated by her.

Chef Ramsay calls Natalie, Jonathan, Krupa, and Jamie to him. He tells Jamie he doesn’t expect her to make mistakes like raw fish. Jamie believes she is good and has a lot of fight in her. She makes a mistake though; she says she believes that she is a good line cook. Chef Ramsay is not looking for a line cook. If there wasn’t so much dead weight to still get rid of, that comment might have cost her. Krupa gives the standard answer, “I have so much more to show you, and can do better”. This is always the stupidest answer to me. If you have so much to show and can do great things, why are you waiting to show it. Chef Ramsay is worried Krupa is on a downward spiral.

When Chef Ramsay asks Jonathan, he emphasizes the word think in the “why do you think” sentence. If Jonathan were smart, he wouldn’t stand there and still blame Tommy for the overcooked meat. Jonathan says that when Chef Ramsay told him to f-off he wishes that he stood his ground and said no. Chef Ramsay is totally confused. He continues on saying he should not have walked out of the kitchen because of someone else’s mistake. Chef Ramsay turns his back to Jonathan and looks totally disgusted.

On to Natalie, Chef Ramsay says he is lost and maybe she should do the honorable thing and give him her jacket. She says she won’t. She says she knows he knows she is better than that. He tells her that he is not so sure.

He tells them that this is a difficult decision and calls Krupa down to hand over her jacket. I am shocked that he has kept Jonathan in the kitchen. Chef Ramsay tells them that he isn’t done yet and to be continued flashes up on the screen.

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