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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 8 – Wading in the Wellingtons

Today the winners will be VIP guests for a day of Grand Prix racing. I can’t remember a challenge win in the past that was not filmed and highlighted. I can only assume it was non-eventful, because it doesn’t get any coverage.

The women get one of the worst punishments in Hell’s Kitchen, delivery day. Elise starts to cry. They have to clean up the kitchen in between deliveries. The first delivery is ice. Elise is refusing to do anything, because once again she wasn’t the cause of the loss. Yep, way to be a team player Elise. The entire red team is getting disgusted with her non-stop crying and complaining. I am often frustrated with the way this show plays out. We all know she won’t win. Chef Ramsay in his right mind would never put her in charge of a kitchen. They wouldn’t be able to keep it staffed. Week after week people are let go for having a bad service, yet she is allowed to continue. To me, as a contestant, she is a waste of space and time. The best thing that could happen to the red team is losing her to the blue team.

At the end of the day the red team women all gather in one of the bedrooms. They are trying to get Elise to understand that she isn’t a team player. Elise is in total denial of her lack of work. She tells the diary cam that she isn’t here to impress the contestants. I guess she figures since Chef Ramsay is not overseeing the task there is no harm in not doing it. Carrie tells her that she is being defensive. Elise responds, “I’m not being defensive I am defending myself”. Elise says in private that she has a strategy. She tells the women what they want to hear, that she will try harder. A leopard can’t change its spots, Ladies.

The next day everything is peaches and cream in the red kitchen. Elise even offers to help Carrie prep. Carrie tells her that she needs to drain the salads and back up salads for dinner. Everyone is hugging after prep is done. The blue team is communicating well and confident that tonight will be all about redemption. It is weird that the blue team keeps winning the challenges, but losing the services. Everyone, on both teams, seem confident going into dinner service tonight.

The doors are open to Hell’s Kitchen and the announcer lets us know it is beer night. Each table has its own beer tower in the center. Picture a 2-foot-plus high clear cylinder, probably 7 inches wide, with a tap filled to the top with beer. It looks like fish should be swimming around in it. If the LAPD were smart they would have an officer standing by a block away from Hell’s Kitchen tonight. There are various sports celebrities in the dining room. Chef Ramsay has also added 2 beer dishes to the menu for this evening, mussels and a venison dish.

We are seeing a kinder, positive, more vocal Elise, for the moment anyway. She is doing hot appetizers and the team is working together. The first order goes out with no hitches. Chef Ramsay is impressed.

Blue unfortunately doesn’t start off with the same bang. Paul and Natalie are working appetizers. Paul’s dish is impressive, but Natalie brings up white, rubbery scallops. Chef Ramsay calls her on them and the table’s orders can’t go out. She thinks Chef Ramsay expects more out of her; no, they were just nasty-looking scallops. Paul has to re-fire his perfect risotto.

Red kitchen comes to a stop. Elise brings up a watery salad to Chef Ramsay. He turns and asks her why the salad is in water. Elise responds that she doesn’t know and points the finger, once again, at Carrie. Chef Ramsay asks Elise whose station is this, and she responds that it is hers. Walking away, he says, “As usual, it wasn’t done for me.” You see it Chef Ramsay, why can’t you please send her home? They recover and move forward.

Natalie, over in blue kitchen, cannot get the scallops right. Chef Ramsay starts counting the scallops she has misfired; 30 scallops were cooked incorrectly so far. Will goes over and tries to teach her how to do it; he says she is sinking faster than the Titanic. He helps her get back on track. Red is already on to entrees. Jamie and Krupa are on meat and fish.

Krupa is switching times around, which is causing Jamie problems. Elise barks out orders and they seem to be responding to her telling them what to do.

Tommy brings the negative focus back over to the blue kitchen. Jonathan is blaming him for the raw pastry dough around the Wellingtons. Chef Ramsay says “Come-on Mr. Rock and Roll”; too funny. I’m confused. Tommy wrapped the Wellingtons with the puff pastry. Jonathan, however, is the one on meat station cooking them. How is this Tommy’s fault?