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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 8 – Wading in the Wellingtons

Hell’s Kitchen, Aug. 8 – Wading in the Wellingtons

Well, I am getting better; only two days behind now. Soon our kids will be back in school, the days will be shorter, and Chef Ramsay will have trimmed away all of the fat left in the kitchen. I know drama equals ratings, but I don’t have to like it. Hopefully tonight the eliminated contestant will be one of the remaining that could not possibly manage a staff, much less an entire restaurant. Time to see.

Well, right away we are reminded of the extra baggage. The contestants have retired up to the dorm, and Krupa is letting loose with a little wine and some cigarettes. The other contestants are enjoying the night’s entertainment; Krupa better hope they are not doing the breakfast challenge in the morning. Sure enough the next day, Krupa is late, dragging, and feeling sick. I have to wonder how badly she really wants this. If it were me in the competition, I certainly would not risk the opportunity of a lifetime for some wine.

Chef Ramsay is in the dining room behind a large table of fruits, vegetables, chocolate, spices and sauces. They are given a minute to approach the table and think about what they could create. He asks a few for their ideas, but then tells them that he wants to hear the judges’ ideas. Two ladies walk in that are Beer Sommelier. Honestly I had to look the term up. A Sommelier is a professional who works in the adult beverage industry. They specialize in the service and knowledge of beer, including an understanding of styles, brewing, ingredients, the history of beer and brewing, and food pairing. Who knew so many of us were studying this profession in college?

The ladies, Hallie and Christina, are asked what inspires them when they look at the table of ingredients. They both say beer. They speak of beer braising, beer salad dressing and beer bread.

The challenge today is to cook with at least one of the beers that is brought out. Krupa is not happy. They are each given 45 minutes to come up with and create a dish inspired by the various types of beers. Jonathan spends the first few minutes of the challenge tasting all the different types of beer. Everyone else has already picked their ingredients and are in the kitchen; Chef Ramsay needs to remind Jonathan to cook something.

Krupa is having a difficult time focusing on the task at hand. Luckily for the red team, they are still one person ahead of the blue and get to decide on one dish not to present to the judges. The red team decides to cancel out Krupa’s horrible looking rabbit, poor bunny. Carrie’s dish isn’t all that impressive to them either, so they rank that in the fifth position. Blue team decides that Paul’s dish is their weakest, and they also put that in the fifth position.

Paul and Carrie are actually up first with their dishes. Carrie makes a Filet in Stout Beer, with a raspberry stout beer sauce. The women both understand why she might have been upset that her dish was put into the worst position. Chef Ramsay thinks it is a great dish. Paul made Salmon in a beer broth. His broth is bitter. Carrie not only wins the point for her team, but Chef Ramsay says it’s the best dish she has cooked. Elise, who I don’t think has left high-school yet, rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

Elise is presenting next with Jonathan. She cooks a Salmon in Belgium White Beer. The judges think it is interesting and lighter than the other dishes presented. Jonathan cooks a Chicken Breast with Pineapple. Hopefully he remembers his first day in Hell’s Kitchen and doesn’t use canned pineapple. Chef Ramsay thinks Jonathan has an obsession with fruit. The judges think his dish in unbalanced and sweet. Elise wins a point for the red team.

Jennifer and Natalie are up together. Jennifer presents a stew, and Natalie has cooked a Chocolate Stout Filet. The ladies think Natalie’s dish is like drinking a beer and give the point to the blue team.

Elizabeth is up next with Amber Mussels and Clams; the judges find it salty. Will makes a beer infused venison loin. Will is given the point. That leaves the two dishes that the teams decided were their best.

Jamie will go up against Tommy. Jamie has made Duck with Belgium White, and a glaze of the raspberry beer reduction. The women and Chef Ramsay love the dish. Christina remarks that she was wanting someone to pair duck with the raspberry. Tommy presents Duck with Raspberry Beer also. He tells Jamie he wants to show her how it’s done. The judges like his dish also. Tommy is flirting with the girls. I don’t know, when you tattoo your forehead it would seem that you are limited on favorable first impressions in the dating scene. What’s worse is that his bangs cover up most of the letters. The bottom parts of the letters show through, so it almost looks like some kind of weird Frankenstein staple tattoo going across his face. Tommy whispers to Jamie that she is going down. I am yelling at the TV to lose Tommy. I hate cocky. Blue team wins the point.