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Big Brother 13, Aug. 11 – Never Volunteer in This Game!

To get the expert opinion on Rachel, Big Brother goes to two experts from last season, Ragan and Matt. Last season, Ragan had shouted at her that everything about her was a lie, and the only honest thing was the pimples on her chin. He told her to count her friends in the house, and asked if she was done already one second later. Outside the house they found they liked each other, and hang out together now a. Matt has made up with Ragan and they’re the best friends long distance friends can be. They watch Rachel together this season and compare her to a serial killer at the end of a slasher movie, as she never stays gone.

Kalia talks to Julie privately up in the HoH room saying it was a hard week to be HoH because of the twist. They’ve all wanted Rachel gone the entire time, but as soon as they saw a possibility she could come back, they had to run the scenarios that could affect it. If Lawon does leave and doesn’t come back, she will feel a little responsible. She wants to make up with Jeff and Jordan as she considers them friends, and in the beginning was connected more with them. She misses their relationship, even though she does like Dani.

After speeches by the two nominees, the other houseguests vote and unanimously vote out Lawon. Before he even reaches the door, Julie stops him and explains he’ll have a chance to get back in, but will have to battle his way back. He explains it will be against Keith, Cassi, Dominic or Brendon. Julie explains they were sequestered this whole time, and Rachel’s jaw just drops and stays that way.

 Although Dominic  promises to give us his first born child or make his brother an indentured servant, and although it was close, America is giving Brendon another chance at this game, which I don’t understand.

Brendon volunteered to leave this game over his fiancee, just as Lawon volunteered. Now it will be the two of them fighting over who gets to come back into the game. It’s over before it starts. Brendon vs. Lawon is not an epic battle. They have to roll balls that bear the fourteen house guests’ names into a skeeball-like platform. The one with the most right wins. Brendon gets all fourteen halfway through and Lawon is still fighting for it. Brendon wins his way back into the game, and Lawon looks stunned at this turn of events as he’s formally evicted. There is no special power, and instead he had to battle one of the best competitors.

Always expect the unexpected, Lawon. Never, ever volunteer. Pawns always go home. And if you think you know an upcoming twist, you don’t. He not only screwed himself, he screwed up Kalia’s and Dani’s alliance. They lost one, while the veterans gained one. We don’t get to see the HoH challenge tonight, and will have to wait for Sunday, unless you follow the feeds or spoilers. Rachel made a deal, but Brendon didn’t. If he wins HoH, he can put up Dani and Kalia, as surely Jeff or Jordan would do. It might not be a good week for them.

If you want to find out who won HoH, follow this spoiler thread where it’s revealed.

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