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Big Brother 13, Aug. 11 – Never Volunteer in This Game!

The Big Brother motto has always been “Expect the Unexpected,” yet the houseguests always think they can figure it out. Julie Chen told the houseguests last week only half of this week’s twist. She told them whomever was evicted would have a shot at coming back in the game. What she didn’t tell them was that they would have to battle someone previously evicted for that shot. Lawon thought he could base his game on what he thought the twist really was, but he should have known it was something he wasn’t expecting.

After Lawon was put on the block to replace Jeff, Rachel tells him she told him to fight, but tells the the diary room cam that she can’t believe he’s on the block, as she doesn’t even think he knew he was in the Big Brother house until then. Lawon is excited, as he believes he has a 99% chance of returning to the game with some type of super power. He thinks it’ll end in everyone saying he made “the boldest move anyone could do in the Big Brother House.”

Jeff doesn’t get why Kalia nominated one of her own, saying she’s either super-intelligent to where he can’t figure out what’s going on, or so stupid and put the numbers even more in their favor. His vote is for stupid. After weighing the options, Kalia thinks it might not be the best week to get Rachel out, as she needs someone who won’t be gunning for her if they come back in.

Lawon puts his acting skills to the test, wanting people to think he and Kalia aren’t as close as they were thinking. He says he’s pissed and disappointed and wants to punch a wall. He says out of the blue that he wouldn’t volunteer for this. Shelly picks up on this, saying that no one even mentioned him volunteering, making her wonder “what’s this new little piece of the puzzle.” She knows in her gut something is up.

Shelly search out Lawon outside to get more answers. He tells her he has to calm down, otherwise he’ll go slam the door and starts swearing. Shelly points out to the diary room cam that Lawon doesn’t know it, but when he starts lying, his whole vernacular and way he speaks changes, making him get a bad boy attitude. He says volunteering isn’t even in his “damn character.” He notes the whole thing seems fishy to him, and he’s going to get to the bottom of it before he walks out the door, fearing Rachel is going to convince people to save her and vote him out. She notes Rachel isn’t going to persuade anyone, and calls the whole thing “whackadoodle.”

Shelly goes into the HoH bedroom when Kalia is half asleep. She asks if Lawon volunteered, because he’s downstairs acting enraged. Kalia tells her he did volunteer and they talked about. She asks if he’s really mad. Shelly tells her she’ll let her rest now, and also works in a thank you for not nominating her.

Happy with cracking the case, Shelly goes into the Have Not room to talk to Jordan and Jeff. She notes she’s got questions and says she hates actors. Jordan points out it doesn’t matter, as whoever leaves is coming right back. Shelly jokes that the nominee for the best acting job in the house is “Lawonderful.” Jeff doesn’t care, knowing they have the votes to get him out.

Rachel just wants to do whatever it takes to stay in the game this week. She needs to make Kalia and Dani think she will work with them. They discuss the twist and if she would be coming back and the votes. She says she knows she has two votes to stay and just needs one more, but Kalia would be the tiebreaker. They broker a deal with Kalia, who points out she has the votes to keep Rachel and the votes to evict her. Dani says if she makes this big change, it would be really big for her. They want her to not let on to anyone else that they’re calling a truce, and Danii tells her to keep it quiet.

Rachel tells the diary room cam if the girls are stupid enough to keep her in the house this week, they will definitely feel the wrath of Rachel. She goes to talk to Jeff and Jordan, but doesn’t tell them about the deal. Shelly joins them. Rachel tells them all that the only thing Dani and Kalia said is that they control the votes to stay. Shelly advises her that she needs to stay zipped up. When asked, Rachel says they didn’t say anything about a deal. Shelly knows not to trust her, saying she’d do anything to stay in the game.

Shelly is still trying to play both sides, so knows she has to discuss this with Daniele a little bit. She asks what’s up with Lawon. Dani just feels like she’s in the nuthouse and wonders who the bigger crazy is. She has one who needs to be locked up and another who’s going to stab her in her sleep. Shelly tells her that Rachel was freaking out when she came out after talking to Dani and Kalia. She was acting like they all made a deal. Dani can’t believe it, saying she asked Rachel to do one thing and keep quiet. She doesn’t know why she thought Rachel could shut up for one second.


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