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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 10 – Lovers, Miners, and Repressed Housewives

Cat sat down to chat with Sasha and says she didn’t think she’d ever make it this far, and she loves that she started doing it with her sister and that she’s still there supporting her. Her favorite moment was when Lady GaGa threw her shoe to her. She was so happy to work with Twitch, as he’s an awesome guy. The routine on the wall with Kent hit something in her. Everyone goes through their own life problems, but she’s never made someone cry before with her dancing, so that means a lot. She solos to Rachael Yamagata’s Be Be Your Love, and it ‘s great looking at how she’s still rooted, but bringing in these other elements she’s learned while here.

Melanie and Sasha are now working together on a Stacey Tookey routine. She explains it’s about two suppressed housewives in the 1950s. They long to know what’s outside of the home and feel isolated and lonely. They come together to find the strength to break free. Dancing to Ahn Trio’s Heart Asks Pleasure First, the two even get to do lifts with each other. They’re not painting a good picture for housewives, and I mean that in a good way.

Kenny tells Stacey he knows she enjoyed creating this piece with two actresses that can dance. The whole concept in using the picket fences ike prison bars, and making the yard the only place they could express themselves. He wanted to help them break free, and it also made him curious about their lives. Katie loved seeing the two of them dance otgether and the exploration of friendship and what it’s all about. She loves their outfits, and if everyone could dance the way they can in an outfit, fashion would be even more beautiful.

Mary calls it beautiful to watch them dance together. She enjoyed every single second of the piece. No matter what happens, they have to know they’re so loved. She adores both of them. The musicality for the piece just filled it up and started roling from one thing to the next. It’s something Stacey does well. Nigel loved the two girls cuddling each other and wishing each other luck before the routine. It’s the camaraderie they’ve seen this season. It doesn’t matter who wins this season, as both of them would grace any dance company.

Marko and Tad are the last two to pair up, and do so on a Chuck Maldonado hip hop routine, Gumboot Stepping, to be exact. It came from South Africa, and is a dance created by gold miners to communicate in the mines. They dance to Outkat’s B.O.B. The outfits are absolutely hideous in this, and it can’t be easy to dance in big work boots, but they’re managing.

Katie loves everything these guys have done and congratulates them. This number needed a loth of strength and athletic ability and she congratulates them. Mary thinks they looked like they were mining for gold. It was solid gold to her, she loved the concept and thought it was cute. She loves them to pieces, and notes it’s been tremendous.

Nigel agrees about the journey, and says he was lucky to bring over a group doing this genre a few years ago. What was a little difficult is that they weren’t together the whole time. Yet he thought from the beginning a girl would win this season, and he hasn’t changed his mind. They stood up for themselves, and he is very proud they’re here, but still thinks a girl will win. Kenny thinks Chuck wanted to make sure there were 1000 footsteps and some well-earned sweat. They did their job.

I’ve loved all the guest judgeds this season, but I have to say I wasn’t too impressed with Katie Holmes. She didn’t seem to add anything interesting to any of the commentary. I don’t agree with Nigel that the guy never had a chance this season, as everyone was tremendous. I don’t think Tadd has a chance, as the cha cha showed his shortcomings. Sasha did as well, but when she’s great, she’s tremendous, while Melanie is always consistently amazing. Mark usually is as well. If I was a betting person I would put money on Melanie, but I can see this going any of three directions on Thursday night.

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