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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 10 – Lovers, Miners, and Repressed Housewives

Sasha and Tadd got together on a cha cha choreographed by Mark Ballas. He explains this cha cha has a really fun, cool, modern, edgy feel to it. These two have to bring a connection to the rhythm to keep it fun, sassy, sexy, and hardhitting. They dance tonight to Basement Jaxx’ Raindrops. There’s more chemistry here with Tadd than there was with Marko, and she’s allowed to be strong again, but it’s still definitely not her style. Maybe she can’t do everything.

Katie thanks them for both being strong dancers and notes they look terrific, as she also congratulates them for getting to the final four. That’s it? Is this Paula Abdul? Mary feels the same, but wants to mention that you have to deal with whatever’s been given to you. It didn’t work. They were stuggling and missing connections. She thinks Sasha faired a little better than Tadd, as he really struggled.

Nigel feels the same, and says it’s tough in the finale when Tadd’s been out of his genre the whole season, but when he pulled this, and it’s so stylized, he just couldn’t cope with this style at all. It felt uncomfortable to watch. Sasha was somewhat better, but it wasn’t good enough for the finale. The dancers agree it was “really fricking tough.” Kenny thinks all of America knows what these two can do, and it was just too ambitious for tonight. They have four routines and a solo, so they need to let it go and come back and blow everyone away.

Marko is now paired up with Lauren Froderman, working on a Tessandra Chavez routine. She explains the routine is about a failed love story. These two people are passionately drawn together, but can’t find a way to make it work.  She wanted to create a routine that was emotionally and physically challenging for the finale. Before they even start dancing to Shirk by Me’Shell Ndegeocello, Lauren is already crying. It definitely has the emotion pouring out of it. You can feel what these two are going through, and it’s indeed painful.

Mary has to fan away her emotions, then says Marko just thrusts greatness upon himself. He is just living it in every single moment and nuance of the routine. The way everything was just frolicking about between him and Lauren was just absolutely beautiful. His honest communication in the dance, his soul and the real person he is could be felt. He’s been given a second chance in life, and she can feel he isn’t gong to waste any of it. Nigel notes we have four brilliant dancers in the finale, and he’s been a little disappointed, but just then, he joined in the finale tonight, as that was a fabulous performance from him. He does what he does so beautifully.

Kenny tells Tessandra that it was a gift to him at this stage of the contest, as well as a gift to the audience and the show. It was also a gift to Marko to partner him with Lauren. They were made for each other, and their spirits came alive. Marko swept him away and took him to a different time. He doesn’t know where Marko is in his head, but he needs to stay there. Katie tells Tessandra it was beautiful, and Mark that it was amazing. She loved all the little moments, like it was being captured in pictures. She was so happy to see this live, and is glad Marko’s parents could as well.

Cat sits down to talk with Tadd, who thinks America is connecting with his solos. When he hits the stage, he’s open and shows the character he is. He took the victory lap after the one, and says he didn’t know where he was supposed to go. His favorite routine was the vulture dance with Jordan Casanova that Travis choreographed. He was most nervous about the first week, as it was their first time to see who they are and what they do. He knows this would change his family’s lives, and without the effort his parents put in to change their lives to begin with, he wouldn’t be here. He dances to Jessie J’s Mamma Knows Best for his solo, and this completely makes up for his dance with Sasha.

Tadd and Melanie got together on a Ray Leeper routine. He explains it’s a story everyone is familiar with. The guy has cheated on his girlfriend, and she catches him in the act. It’s not the gloves coming off, but the shoes, and maybe even their clothes. Ray wants it to be sexy and naughty with a little bit of dysfunction mixed in. They’re getting naughty to Show Me What You’re Working With by Sista Monica. This is another one where Melanie is allowed to show her acting skills, and she brings out some great anger here. Tadd isn’t so bad either. In the end, she rips his pants off, revealing heart-covered boxers.

Nigel notes it brought his evening to life, not Tadd and his drawers, but the routine. Right from the beginning, when  Melanie was standing there, the whole character was in that stance. He brings up Sweet Charity, and found it to be similar, as Melanie had a character way before she started dancing. Tadd totally redeemed himself in the routine with the character and all his gymnastics. Nigel congratulates Ray for letting them expand on that.

Kenny feels similarly, saying before Melanie even started, she had him gripped to the stage. He and Katie were talking about that, the theater that Melanie brings into everything. He tells Ray he choreographed for them perfectly, a morality play. If you move in with a tiger, you better be careful leaving the cage, especially when the Tiger’s name is Melanie. The personalities worked well together, and Tadd did redeem himself.

Katie thought it was a lot of fun and a breath of fresh air and congratulates Ray on the choreography. It was fun to watch something different and new, and at the end, he had to pull his pants off and make it work. It had to lead up to it and did. Mary feels Tadd brought sexy back for sure, but isn’t sure about his black socks. She agrees redemption is the best medicine. As for Melanie’s strut across the stage, saying she doesn’t think she’s ver seen it better.


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