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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 10 – Lovers, Miners, and Repressed Housewives

Kenny asks Lil ‘C if he could hook him up with a pair of those red shoes. He knows everyone is just wishing they could lace them up and dance like that. Cat compares them to Dorothy in the hood. Joshua and all the All Stars have elevated the show and bring so much to the stage, and tonight the pairing was perfect as they played off each other’s energy. Katie thought Tadd’s hustling was terrific. She loves his smile and sweetness. It’s fantastic and refreshing. She bought Tadd and Joshua together, and loves the red shoes as they highlighted how fast he is.

Melanie is now paired with Robert Roldan on a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine. It’s the story of unrequited love. She’s in love with him, and he can’t love her back in the same way. In order to save herself, she has to say goodbye. She wants Melanie to pull America into the emotion of the piece. Tonight, they dance to Sinead O’Connor’s Sacrifice. It’s beautiful, just like all her emotional pieces.

Nigel calls it beautiful choreography by Stacey and beautifully done. He particularly liked the assisted life. He doesn’t know if Melanie has captured America’s heart, but she’s certainly captured his. While Sasha threw down the gauntlet, Melanie picked it up and slapped her in the face with it. Challenge accepted.

Kenny mentions Kent’s contribution to the wall piece last week, and now Robert’s contribution to this one. He would push himself to the front of the line for a chance to work with Melanie. She brings a combination of theater, emotion, technique, drama, and skill to everything she does. It’s incredible to watch. Cat asks if he isn’t doing Dirty Dancing soon. He admits he’ll be doing it next year. She asks if there will be a part for Melanie, and he replies he was hoping Cat was going to ask him for herself. Her reply is that no one puts her in the corner. But any day of the week he’d have a part for Melanie.

Katie tells Melanie she blows her away. The way she tells stories, she’s such a beautiful dancer and so strong, but every movement makes sense, and she believes every story where it hits her way down in her belly. She feels like she’s enjoying it, and we’re just all here enjoying it. Mary tells Mealnie her face must have looked like Yogi Bear’s when he found the picnic basket to draw her own style, Robert, and Stacey. Something special happens when she dances. The room gets quiet, as she has that captivating capability to draw people in. Everything she does has class, and she’s in one of her own.

Sasha is now paired with Marko on a Boradway routine by Spencer Liff. It’s supposed to take place late at night in a really fancy restaurant. Marko is being a proper waiter, and Sasha and elegant woman there to dine alone, but she’s interested in something not on the menu. They dance to Whatever Lola Wants by Ella Fitzgerald. It’s definitely fantastic dancing, but I don’t know if they have the necessary chemistry for the story. Marko has some great comedy he throws in though.

Kenny calls it great fun. He didn’t even recognize it was Marko, who went from leading actor to character actor. Sasha has gone from warrior princess to sophisticated lady. She takes the challenge and throw her entirety into eveyrthng she does full on and 100 percent. She doesn’t levee any change and is spent when she’s finished. Katie tells Sasha she’s such a beautiful woman, and to see her beauty and how strong she is, it reminds her of Cyd Charisse. Marko is incredible, and she loved when he jumped up.

Mary talks about the difficulty in pulling dancing and comedy together, but she thinks they pulled it off. She also didn’t realize it was Marko at first, as he changed his character so much. She loved the bit where he jumped up on her and just slid off. He does everything asked for him, and Sasha has gone from this intense dynamic dancer to the soft, elegant, little saucy, teeny little bit vampy. Nigel says it didn’t knock him out, and he feels Sasha makes a better warrior princess than vamp. He also didn’t get Marko’s character, saying when he vamped with his tie, it was much stronger than his dancing. He would have liked to see more throughout.

Cat is sitting down with each of the final four for a chat, and first up is Melanie. Her favorite moment was when she danced with Neil Haskell, as she got to launch into his arms. It doesn’t hurt that he’s so cute. She’s closest to Ricky in the competition, as he can make everybody smile. He always came back every week and fought. In the final four, she’s closest to Marko. Cat asks about the kissing, but Melanie claims he kissed her. To make a character convincing, you have to pull from experiences, and she pulls from the sadness of her dad no longer being here. This leads into her solo to Peter Bradley Adams’ Song for Viola. She begins it with tears in her eyes.

Cat now sits down with Marko, who says he closed his eyes when she called off his name as a finalist. It’s so surreal for him to be here, coming from Guam, as he watched this whole thing on the Internet. He feels they chose him because of who he is. His favorite performance was his first duet with Melanie, and it not only boosted them in the public’s eye, but in their own. It meant the world to him to have his mom in the audience, as he isn’t always the best with words. He thinks this could be the reason he survived being shot, to inspire people to not quit. He dances his solo to Joshua Radin’s The Fear You Won’t Fall.  And tonight, his dad is here as well.


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