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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 10 – Lovers, Miners, and Repressed Housewives

Before the the performance finale of So You Think You Can Dance even starts, it seems any of the final four could be this season’s winner. They’re all just so extremely talented this season. I don’t expect tonight’s performances to change that any.

Joining Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy on the judging panel tonight are Kenny Ortega and Katie Holmes. Katie  mentions how excited she is to be back on the show and says she’s working on a lot of films with one coming out soon. Kenny has enjoyed this season of the show, saying he and his family have been glued, making it an honor for him to be here.

Doriana Sanchez is choreographing a disco for Melanie Moore and Marko Germar. She wants there to be an explosion of energy, fun, and sparkles, making them like human mirror balls. They’re packing so many lifts into it, as they want to make it the best disco ever. They take to the floor tonight to dance to Donna Summer’s I Feel Love. They indeed pack the lifts into it, and the energy is great. It seems like a very classic disco.

Kenny says Doriana is keeping disco alive for another generation, and Melanie and Marko seem like they jumped out of the screen of Saturday Night Fever. It was fun, sizzling, electric, and great. Katie loved it, calling them so strong and beautiful. The expression on their faces makes her want to get out there and dance. She believed the story they were telling and felt like she was watching a movie.

Mary absolutely adores disco, Doriana Sanchez, sand Melanie and Mark too. But she has to be honest; some of the lifts were a real struggle, as they went in and out of the style, yet the last overhead lift was “Wow.” Nigel totally agrees with Mary, and felt Melanie and Mark were a little uncomfortable in the style. On the last overhead lift, Mark didn’t get straight up with the straight arm, and he was stuck, but his pure strength got her up there. He hopes he’ll see them both do better in their upcoming routines.

Sasha Mallory is paired with Mark Kanemura on a Sonya Tayeh routine. This piece is somewhat of an ode to Sasha, as she handles all the obstacles in her life with such grace and integrity. It fuels her and gives her power. Mark represents the obstacles in her way. Sasha feels this is perfect for the finale, as it’s exactly who she is. They dance tonight to Deadmaus’ Raise Your Weapon, and it’s fantastic from the first few seconds. Mark is phenomenal as a powerful obstacle, and she beats it down with all that great strength she has. The interesting thing is he has her hairstyle, and so does Sonya.

Katie calls it quite powerful, and mentions the grace and integrity Sonya mentioned is definitely Sasha. She loved this number; she was so strong and powerful. It’s such a pleasure to watch her dance, and Sonya is an amazing choreographer. She loved everything about this from the outfits to the walk at the end. Mary gives a scream and says there aren’t two people who could look better than Sasha and Mark. He’s grown so much, yet Sasha looks every bit as seasoned, with her strength, intensity, and clarity about what needs to be done. It will serve her amazingly in her dance career, as it has here.

Nigel mentions they called Sasha a warrior at the beginning of the series, and she’s fighting her way to the end. He loves Sonya’s work when she gets dark, and when she gets together with Mark. He asks if Sasha realizes she’s just beaten up Lady GaGa’s principal dancer. She didn’t just slap him down, but she thrown him down, just like she did the gauntlet to the other contestants.

Kenny tells Sonya that all season she was innovative and inventive, and never lost sight of her responsibly to the dancers. The work is always brilliant, and always considerate of the dancers, as she does them such justice, which brings tears of gratitude from Sonya. He knows for Sasha it’s art imitating life, as she’s battling through an injury, and also a very powerful dancer. It was like Sasha Warrior Princess to him.

Tadd Gadduang is is combining with Joshua Allen on a Lil ‘C hip hop routine. C explains it’s nothing but a hustle. To get ahead in this competition, you have to be a hustler. He explains to them it’s not time to slack off and is when they need to hit the N.O.S. (Nitrous Oxide Sytem) Tadd is working with Joshua, a certified, hustler, and it’s only going to make Tadd hustle more. They perform their hustle to Hustle Hard by Ace Hood. In the words of Lil ‘C, this is “buck.” It’s the ultimate in buckness in fact.

Mary tells Tadd what’s really difficult for him is that he has the sweetie pie factor, and it’s built right into his X Factor. Did he do enough to produce a hard-hitting solid style hip hop? Yes, he did. He has been hustling hard ever since he started the show. Every week is outside his genre, and he delivered everything tonight. Nigel has to say Lil ‘C delivered a terpsichorean magic of a majestic magnitude. In truth it was a bit down and dirty on the knees, and Tadd coped with it really well. He was a little too sweet, and still not as strong as Nigel would have liked it.


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