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Project Runway 9, Week 2 – A Pet Project

Anthony sends down his sleeveless birdseed mini-dress. Most of it is yellow-brown, but the high, snug collar is dark brown. (He used sunflower seeds for that part.) He added a wrap-around reddish-brown belt to the ensemble. Bert made a sleeveless black mini-dress decorated with two translucent pink ruffles at the top. It looks like he phoned this one in.

Julie took large dog food bags and cut them into strips, which she then wove into a fabric. The result of this work is a short-sleeved brown and orange mini-dress. Anya made a multi-colored halter out of different colored leashes. She also made a black mini-skirt. Bryce made a sleeveless, midriff-baring aqua top and a messy-looking, two-toned blue skirt.

Kimberly sends down a sleeveless dark blue top and a black miniskirt. Joshua C. made a black miniskirt and a lavender halter. The latter also has pictures of puppies on it. He added a wide green belt to the look.

Viktor made a sleeveless lavender mini-dress. Cecilia used textured materials for her look. The sleeveless shirt is khaki and the mini-skirt is a mottled brown and aqua.

Olivier made a creamy, wooly-looking top and a two-toned, textured miniskirt. The skirt is mostly pale yellow, but is light brown toward the bottom. Becky’s outfit has a feathery look to it. The mini-skirt is mostly lime green, but has a wide yellow-orange border at the bottom. The sleeveless top is purple.

Laura made a tan skirt and a black tube-top with a matching black belt. Joshua M. made a black mini-skirt and a sleeveless, patterned, multicolored top. He used green, blue, red, and purple aquarium rocks to make the shirt. He added a thin, royal blue belt to the look.

Heidi calls up Danielle, Julie, Laura, Becky, Cecilia, Anya, Bert, Kimberly, and Viktor. After congratulating them for moving on to the next round, she scolds Bert for not following the instructions and tells him he was very lucky that he’d had immunity this week.

The other six have to face the judges and they start with Bryce, who tells them that he’d used hamster bedding for the shirt and puppy wee-wee pads for the skirt. Michael makes it very plain that he hates the skirt: He says that every unconventional materials challenge has at least one designer who uses tissues or napkins as a material– and it never works. Heidi says it obvious that the skirt is made of wee-wee pads. (I agree; Bryce should have at least dyed them a different color.)

Next up is Anthony, who talks about the bird seed he’d used. Heidi likes it and says it looks like a beaded dress. The other judges also like it and Nina says it’s simple, but dramatic. She really likes the collar.

Olivier used a dog bed for his shirt and hamster bedding for the skirt. He also made a belt out of plastic piping for a fish tank. Nina likes the belt and calls it a “modern touch.” The judges agree that the outfit looks sophisticated and laud it as an example of “understated chic.” However, they don’t like the sawdust eyebrows, which they call “distracting.”

Joshua C. made his top out of an umbrella and used the plastic liner of a reptile cage for his skirt. The judges dismiss his efforts as too conventional and safe. I’ve a feeling Joshua C. is going home tonight.

Joshua M. talks about how he’d used colored aquarium rocks for his shirt. He didn’t randomly scatter the rocks, either, but made actual patterns. The judges call his look “modern” and “unique,” but they also dock him points for his hair and make-up.

Last up is Fallene, and the judges make it plain they don’t like the outfit at all. Heidi doesn’t like the silhouette and Nina hates the accessories.

Afterwards, the judges dismiss the designers to deliberate. They start with the ones they didn’t like and quickly agree that all three had sent down boring outfits. Michael jokes that it’s a “stand-off for the most boring.” Joshua C. had used fabric in his look, which was a no-no, and Fallene had used hideous colors.

Onto the designers they did like. Joshua M. had done an excellent job with his aquarium rock shirt, but the judges didn’t like his accessories. Anthony’s look was completely different, but it was too short. Nina loved Olivier’s outfit, but everybody agrees that they could have lived without the sawdust eyebrows on the model.

The judges then call everybody back in, and Heidi announces the winner: Olivier. When she tells Anthony he’s in, she adds that his look was her favorite. Joshua M. and Bryce are also in, leaving Fallene and Joshua C. in the bottom two. Heidi tells Fallene that her look was boring and had a bad color palette, and Joshua C. that his look showed no imagination. He is therefore out.

Next week, the designers face a team challenge and an outdoor runway.

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