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Expedition: Impossible – Ep 7 – Someone Get No Limits A Show Already!

Now for some stream of consciousness from the episode:

That Golden Kasbah from the beginning looked like a model to me. So, maybe this whole show has been staged from a Skywalker Sound stage in San Francisco.

Task 1 – used binoculars to find one of six icons from the map indicating where to head to. In this case, the marketplace. Another Amazing Race task co-opted. The ol’ use binoculars to scan the countryside task. Poor Lenny in Paris always comes to mind.

A 3-minute head start?!? Why even have a head start? And they all wind up artificially bunched at the binocs! DUMB!!!

Akbar was silent this week – we only get a Where’s Waldo joke from him.
I love ya, Jeff – but how do you not know what “hidden in plain view” means?

Problem with this task – by putting the location of the clue way off to the side in the landscape, it means that the minute the first team found it, the others were all going to piggyback and find it.

Task 2 – go to the airport. Ok, then.

Did Jeff really suggest Advil for the snapped ankle? These guys are tough!

Task 3 – Pick a teammate to skydive and search the surface for the next clue. Of course, the clue is on the roof of the airport, so, not too difficult. The jumping out of the airplane? Ok, that part was difficult.

Cali Girls get skipped by No Limits after they forget to hand in their ticket. This move may have actually saved No Limits this week as it gave them a head start with Ike.

Footballers Robert and Ricky do a staredown to decide who jumps, as heavier than 200-lbs Akbar is ineligible. As are two-thirds of the Country Boys. Darn that country cooking!

Kari/Christina are the second group to jump – and probably made those Moroccan coaches rather happy.

As Gypsy Taylor jumps his hair flies up so it looks like Bart Simpson.
Footballer Ricky – “if this was real life, I wouldn’t have done it.” Is this not real life? Is it a cartoon? An Inception-like dream?

AJ thinks No Limits cannot beat them in a footrace now. Um, when could the blind guy outrun you three? Although, I would not hold it past Erik.

Task 4 – walking a trail, swimming across a stream, and solving a puzzle. The solution is the first letter of the six sports depicted, sending them to the Kasbah. They could get a clue if they hike a mile, and then return.
No one would be crazy to do that…

…oh wait, there goes Fab 3.

Taylor nails it for Gypsies who enjoy a huge lead, to the point that they elect to stop to watch the view, enjoy a tea break and essentially act like the Hare, except the tortoise never caught them. Yet. Taylor gets the most face time he has ever gotten and is now “more than the guy holding the sunscreen.” Aww, poor forgotten Taylor. At least he isn’t Dani!

Cali and No Limits share the map and the solution to the puzzle as Fab 3 head off for the clue. Natalie thinks Jeff is Mr. Smooth. I can buy that nickname.

Fab 3 is trekking to the clue as the last three teams arrive. Ricky solves for the Footballers and Dani and the Country Boys also team up to get it. So, all teams have moved on, and Fab 3 is lagging behind. I suspect there is much editing to be found here, as Fab 3 winds up not woefully behind everyone. They are able to hightail it and catch the Country Boys eventually. Plus, this task was rather easy to figure out, I highly doubt the drawn out struggles we watched were really all that lengthy in real time.

Host was trying to be charismatic, and that was just painful to watch.

I worried that the last minute drama would be Ike’s ankle knocking them out at the checkpoint, but instead it was all about the Fab 3/Country Boys battle. They were probably toast anyway, but the Country Boys seemed to go the wrong way at the end, and in the end, got to ride the helicopter.

Jeff’s grandfather calls the Fab 3 comeback “moxie,” I call it, “Chad is not really in shape.”

The Country Boys have shown the Host what a southern gentlemen is?
These guys? I think he confused the word “gentleman” with “stereotype.”

Order of Finish – Gypsies (again), No Limits, Cali Girls, Footballers, Cops, Fab 3, Country Boys (ELIMINATED)

Next week – No idea. I watched this on the internet. Let’s assume there is a lot of walking, and possibly the sad departure of No Limits.

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