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Big Brother 13, Aug. 7 – Battle Lines Being Drawn

The last two up are Dani and Jordan. Dani mixes sauerkraut, horseradish sauce, and applesauce, and Jordan wants to make it as gross as possible, so combines spray cheese, creamed corn, and liverwurst. Jordan guesses horseradish sauce correctly, but dani gets it wrong guessing corned beef hash. Jordan guesses wrong with dill pickles, and Dani gets liverwurst right. Jordan’s final guess is creamed corn and Dani’s hot dogs, as they both get it wrong. It forces them to drink a full glass when they tie, and Dani wins easily as Jordan only chokes down half the glass in the same timeframe.

Jordan, Shelly, Jeff, and Rachel are the Have Nots for the week. Jordan cries, saying she forgot what it’s like being without. She also feels bad because she lost and put three people as Have Nots. Jeff feels bad, as she’s so innocent and is only crying because she wanted to help her team. They all go inside and find out the Have Nots also get coconuts and catfish for the week. Rachel notes you can do anything with catfish, but Jordan is questioning the coconuts, as she wonders if you eat or drink them.

Kalia calls Shelly up to her HoH room, saying she wants to trust and play the game with her. She tells her she knows it’s impossible to do this by herself, and that she and Dani can’t win HoH every week. She adores playing the game with Shelly, who makes the standard offer of not putting each other up, then asks if Kalia can see any possibility of the two of them and Dani making it to the end together. Kalia would like that a lot. Shelly tells the diary cam she has no intention of going to final three with them. She wants to compete with Jeff and Jordan, but believes she’d be remiss to not play the other side as well.

Jeff and Jordan are the next to visit Kalia, who tells them neither one of them are the target, yet she needs someone in the veto comp to win it and make sure Rachel goes home. Jeff is the only one she can be sure will win it, and putting him up is the only way to guarantee he’ll play. She swears on every picture on the house she doesn’t want him to go. He notes if Rachel wins, he goes home, but Kalia doesn’t think that will happen. Jordan reminds her that whoever leaves has a chance at coming back, and putting two good players up gives her a huge target on her back.

Jordan gets more ticked off than I’ve ever seen her in two seasons. She tells Jeff that Kalia doesn’t care that he’s going home if Rachel wins veto. She again mentions that this puts two targets on Kalia’s back if they get back in the game. Kalia responds that everyone could come back with vengeance. Jordan tells her there’s a lot of dead weight in the game right now. No one would care if they came back. Jeff finally gets extremely irate and tells Kalia to do what’s best for her, but know that if Rachel takes herself off, he knows he’s going home, and know that this makes her his number one target if he stays or comes back into the game. He alludes to her doing this only because Dani wants her to.

Jeff is now confident he’s going up on the block and doesn’t feel he got through to Kalia at all. Jordan feels like Jeff and Rachel will always be the targets until they’re gone. She feels like everyone else in the house is hypnotized and just follow Dani, doing what she wants. Rachel mentions that Kalia is being the puppet for the puppetmaster, and notes Kalia wants to start a war, but can barely even compete with her. Kalia is battling between taking a stand and not being bullied, and is asking herself if this is the smart thing to do.

At the nomination ceremony, Rachel asks Dani how she’s doing and sits right next to her. Dani asks if this is serious and if she really has to be practically sitting on her. It’s clear Rachel is trying to intimidate her, but I don’t think that will easily work with Dani. Adam, Porsche, and Dani get their keys pulled out first. Jordan says she might as well just keep her key out, as she knows she’ll be the replacement nominee. Lawon is called safe next, followed by Shelly, leaving Jeff and Rachel as the nominees.

Kalia announces that last week was hell, and there was a lot of cattiness and talking behind people’s backs. She adds the people in her pictures in the HoH room taught her to be a strong person and make decisions that are best for her. They would never want her to lay down and die and let someone else make decisions for her. She’s going to jump, grow wings, and fly on the way down.

Rachel follows Dani out, asking how she’s doing and if she wants to talk. Dani calls her an idiot and says she doesn’t want to talk to her. Jeff calls this the wrong move and a terrible decision because of the twist. If he’s not a target, she shouldn’t be putting him on the block. Rachel is going to fight tooth and nail to come back in. Kalia stands her ground, saying that coming in and yelling at her is not the way to get her to not nominate them.

What these houseguests don’t know is that whomever leaves will be battling someone from the first four houseguests voted out. They’ll either be battling Keith, Cassi, Dominic, or Brendon. It’s probably between Cassi and Dominic. If it’s Cassi, it will definitely be Jeff or Rachel coming back in the game. If it’s Dominic, it’s not such a sure thing. If Cassi or Dominic come back in, though, this isn’t a vote for the veterans. The veterans are making sure that line is drawn in the sand this week, and are sure they will get back in the game if they’re voted out, but they might be losing one person, while the newbies gain someone this week.

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