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Big Brother 13, Aug. 7 – Battle Lines Being Drawn

Things couldn’t have gotten any better for Daniele this week. She came off a very successful HoH, and the one person that could help her the most, Kalia, won HoH. This does not bode well for the other veterans. However, there’s that twist Julie Chen dangled in front of them that could allow the person voted out this week a chance to get back in the game. Will that change anything?

Watching Brendon leave, Jordan is glad she’s still there, but feels bad because he was the one who refused to backdoor her and Jeff. Daniele advises Jordan to have a nice summer and have fun watching Rachel from home. After all the crap they pulled, she doesn’t feel bad, and is ready to send Rachel out the door next. Rachel thinks Dani got rid of Brendon just to make her hurt. Dani started a war, and if she has to, Rachel will run through mud and take ten weeks of slop to make sure Dani goes home.

Kalia cried immediately after winning HoH. She knew Dani was nervous with her life in someone else’s hands, but got to show her she’s not the only strong person in their group. The other veterans know Kalia is the worst person to win HoH, knowing she’s Daniele’s number one buddy.

Jeff and Jordan realize Porsche pitted Jeff and Shelly against each other in the competition and figure it’s because she’s on Dani and Kalia’s side. Meanwhile, Porsche didn’t meant to do it, but feels if it gets the HoH to not nominate her, it’s kind of a win for her. Except, now the veterans will see her as a double-crosser, and now they might make her their number two target, right behind Dani.

After her win, Kalia danced in the storage room, and feels no one can say again she’s not there to play. Rachel lays down in the Have Not room, crying by herself, as Porsche, Kalia, and Dani celebrate the win. Porsche leaves them and goes in by Rachel, who thanks her for being her friend. Jordan walks in and tells Rachel she wouldn’t have wanted HoH anyway this week, because whoever leaves has a chance to come back in. Porsche leaves, and Jordan tells Rachel that Porsche put Jeff and Shelly against each other. Jeff comes in and tells her not to tell Porsche anything.

Kalia gets her HoH room and cries hysterically when she sees a picture of herself, her sisters, and her mom. Jeff notes she’s sobbing like they just walked into a morgue, and someone is in a casket, but Shelly understands how she feels seeing the pics. Her little girl starts school on Monday, and she’s just hoping she saves all her stories for her, as she doesn’t want to miss anything.

Rachel is the first one to hit up Kalia and make a pitch. She tells her she’s excited for her, as she worked hard last week and this week. She does respect her as a competitor, and knows Kalia doesn’t owe her anything. But, if she doesn’t nominate her, Rachel won’t nominate her next week. Is that the best she’s got? That’s really getting old. Kalia knows no one else would expect them to be working together, making it a tempting offer, but after Rachel leaves, Kalia looks at the camera and mentions how good humble pie tastes.

Kalia and Dani discuss strategy, as Kalia points out if she puts Rachel and Jeff on the block, one of them will stay. Or she could tell Jeff he’s not the target, but she has to put two people up, and she knows he’ll fight and that he can beat Rachel. She also discusses playing the emotional card, but Dani advises her not to. Dani is happy to have blood on her hands, and is ready to bathe in it, but if Kalia is willing to nominate Jeff, she can have a good week without having to get her hands bloody.

For the Have Not comp, everyone but Kalia is divided into two teams. It’s Rachel, Jordan, Jeff, and Shelly against Adam, Lawon, Daniele, and Porsche. One person from each team will come up and blend three food items in a blender with milk and serve it to their opponent. Whoever guesses the most right ingredients in their drink wins a point. If they tie, the point goes to who chugs a whole glassful first. After three rounds, the team with the most points wins, meaning only three people from each team will play.

It’s Jeff vs. Lawon for Round 1. Jeff wants to mix a very strong flavor to hide the other two. He chooses Gorgonzola, scrambled eggs, and applesauce. Lawon goes with corned beef hash, creamed corn, and potato chips. Jeff guesses the creamed corn, but Lawon guesses wrong with spray cheese. Jeff guesses hash right, and Lawon guesses right with scrambled eggs. Jeff’s last guess of spray cheese is wrong, but Lawon’s is right with gorgonzola. With even points, they chug a glass, with Jeff winning, although he notes it’s like drinking warm beer out of a friend’s shoe.

It’s Shelly vs. porsche for Round 2. Shelly mixes beets, dill pickles, and jalapeños, while Porsche mixes carrots, yams, and onions. Porsche notes how warm it is as she tastes Shelly’s concoction and guesses wrong with horseradish sauce. Shelly mentions hers looks like orange baby food and how thick it is. She guesses right with carrots. Porsche guesses beets right, and Shelly gets jalapeños right. Porsche is right with dill pickles. Jeff tells Shelly to guess canned yams, as that would make it thick. Instead she guesses olives. Jordan can’t figure out why she didn’t listen to Jeff. Porsche’s team gets the point.


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