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Last Comic Standing — The Final Five: Episode 9

Tonight’s show promised lots o’ twists and turns. Most of them were contrived, but hey…that’s reality tv, right?

The comics that were ‘kicked off the island’ so far returned. For those of you who haven’t been keeping score that’s:

Bonnie McFarlane
Todd Glass
Jay London

Bonnie, Todd and Ant tried to stir up the pot. The remaining comics were concerned about the ‘revenge factor’. The ex-residents of the Last Comic Castle helped to choose the people who ended up in the final head to head challenge, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

First comes the immunity challenge. Tammy, Gary, Alonzo, John, Kathleen and Corey had to pitch a show to a focus group. The funniest or best pitch would win immunity. Tammy, with her God-Daughter comedy take-off of the mob, won in part because the guys in the focus group thought she was cute.

She was guaranteed a spot in the final five.

John Heffron was the first picked to go to the head-to-head challenge. All ten comics got to vote. Bonnie got her revenge against John for booting him out by sending him to the challenge. How nice for her! (I guess she just can’t admit to herself that she’s not funny enough!)


Anyway, John chose to fight it out with Corey Holcomb. That should’ve been it, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Another twist occurred and Jay Mohr, the host, made it a three-way (challenge…oh please, I knew what y’all were thinking!)

The third contender was none other than Alonzo Bodden.

In the end, Corey Holcomb was voted off with only 7% of the vote. OUCH!

The final five are:

Gary Gulman
Tammy Pescatelli
Kathleen Madigan
John Heffron
Alonzo Bodden

Next week, we have the wildcard show in which one of the voted off comics gets to try and get back into the finals. LCS will be two hours on Tuesday with a results show on Thursday.

Hasta la bye bye until next week!!!


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