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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 2 – Chef Ramsay, The Next Great Philosopher?

The reward is to spend the day on a four-level super yacht with a fully stocked bar. The women get to transform the dining room into a Hawaiian-themed restaurant, which will just add fuel to the fire. Before they can do that though, they have to clean both kitchens. Elizabeth refuses to take the blame and insists that the committee said Asian. She does have one point though; none of the dishes tasted good. Yes, none of them fit the theme, but none of them would have won on their own merit either.

Red team is crumbling fast with another addition of the – I told you so blame game – they all like to play. Their best hope at this point is that the blue team get absolutely plastered with a fully stocked open bar, and can’t cook tomorrow. Elise once again is driving everyone crazy. She is very good at not doing anything and blabbing the entire time.

The yacht is amazing. Gifts for each contestant include a HK Captains hat, a waterproof digital camera, and a towel. They are all drinking and loving on Natalie.

The blue team comes back to the kitchen while the red team is sitting in the dining room making leis. They are all pretty drunk, but Natalie is actually all over the place and slurring her words. They go upstairs onto the patio and Natalie wants Will to take a picture of her near the pond with the water lilies. She ends up in the pond doing cheesy, ridiculous poses. I can’t imagine her humiliation when this airs in Kentucky. She kind of reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith, in the bad years. So now we have one blonde looking for love and another posing to be a top model.

Just as I predicted, the next night during the prepping for dinner service, the blue team is not quite up to par. It might be a long night for blue kitchen. The red kitchen is finishing the last of yesterday’s punishment; they are working on a three-tier cake. It does not look good for the cake. Carrie points out that people need to start taking it seriously. That is all Elise needs to hear to start running her mouth again. I wish I could turn her voice into the school teachers’ voice on all those Charlie Brown Specials. Carrie has finally had enough and goes right over to Elise, literally within two inches, and says blah blah blah blah. It’s surprising a punch is not thrown.

Chef Ramsay comes in and praises them on the dining room décor. The cake is a different story; he compares it to a Mexican sombrero that someone crapped on. He tells Scott to remove the cake; they won’t be serving it. The doors open to the reunion. The dining room is flooded with lots of hideous Hawaiian shirts.

Red team does not seem very organized. The blue team is very confident and getting appetizers out quickly. They move on to entrees. Paul brings up the first fish entrée and it is raw in the center. Who knew that when you slam a piece of fish down hard enough onto a table it splatters like paint; Paul knows now.

Red is sinking. Chef Ramsay goes over there and asks them to call back the next table. No one says anything. He then asks who is going to lead the red team, and again no response until Elise screams “I am.” Elise thinks of herself as a natural born leader. Finally appetizers are going out on the red side of the dining room. Carrie wants to impress Chef Ramsay with her speed. Stupidly she adds leftover rice from a cold pan to the pan that is cooking the fresh dish. Chef Ramsay sees everything. He tells her that the name of her restaurant should be Chez Leftovers.

Another raw fish up to the pass from Paul; this time it is for the committee’s table. Chef Ramsay takes Paul off fish and puts Monterray and Jonathan on the station.

Red team is having a much easier time getting entrees out then the blue team. Elizabeth is redeeming herself with perfectly cooked snapper.

Monterray and Jonathan are not doing any better than Paul on fish. Jonathan is just standing in the corner doing nothing. Monterray is next up with snapper and does no better than Paul did. Three times the fish for the reunion committee has failed at the pass. Chef Ramsay shuts down the blue kitchen. The red kitchen is now serving both sides of the dining room; they finish serving all the guests.

Upstairs egos are clashing. Jonathan is going after Monterray and vice versa. Somehow Paul is dodging all the bullets.

Chef Ramsay has both teams report to the dining room; he asks the blue team if they have made a decision and asks Natalie who the nominees are. Monterray is put up first for continuing to serve raw fish after relieving Paul from that station. The second nominee is Paul for letting everyone down with under- and over- cooked fish. Chef Ramsay calls them both down to the floor. Chef Ramsay also calls Jonathan down. Paul, refreshingly, takes full responsibility. He goes on to add that he feels sick that he ruined someone’s 20th high school reunion. He believes he has it in him. I would be shocked if Paul went home. He certainly is not the weakest of the three chefs standing in front of Chef Ramsay. Chef Ramsay sends Paul back in line.

Chef Ramsay asks Jonathan if he is a better chef then Monterray. He says yes because he is able to communicate. Personally I think they will both fall at some point; neither of them is strong enough, or has enough knowledge to lead a kitchen. Chef Ramsay asks Monterray what he has that Jonathan does not. Monterray believes he has more experience and better knife skills. Chef Ramsay is struck by how odd that is. I don’t think Monterray understands that an Executive Chef is not a Line Chef or a Prep Chef. That was just a stupid statement to make. Monterray is sent packing. Chef Ramsay appreciates the effort.

Chef Ramsay tells the remaining contestants that it does not matter what you have done outside of Hell’s Kitchen; It matters what you do inside of Hell’s Kitchen. He sends them packing back upstairs.

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