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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 2 – Chef Ramsay, The Next Great Philosopher?

According to the last show’s previews, tonight’s show looks interesting. I’m settled in, have my iced coffee and chocolate flourless torte leftovers from last night’s birthday celebration of all things. Chocolate and Gordon Ramsay, what more could I ask for?

Chef Ramsay has sent the contestants back up to the dorms, after giving them his pep talk. Jamie and Elise are walking out of the kitchen arm in arm. Jamie is giving Elise a pep talk telling her she needs to get somewhere between being a mouth and being a no-mouth; Elise promises she is going to work on her attitude. It doesn’t take long.

Right after they walk into the dorm room, Elise is bouncing and cheering and singing her praises. Everyone else realizes how bad the service was, and how lucky they are to still be there. All Elise manages to do is push people further away. I can’t believe this girl is 26 years old; she acts like a teenager.

The next morning the contestants go back down to the dining room for a new challenge. Chef Ramsay says everyone is starting with a clean slate. Today they find out that Hell’s Kitchen is going to be hosting a Class of ’91 high school reunion. Paul makes me laugh; he says people that say high school was the best years of their life have never been to college. Upstairs in his office, Chef Ramsay has three reunion committee members waiting to discuss their menu. Chef Ramsay asks Elizabeth and Paul to go upstairs and meet with them. Blue team has faith in Paul; Red team is worried that Elizabeth is a little flighty.

The committee wants to recreate a luau with pork, and have a Hawaiian theme. They also want scallops. That’s kind of weird, in my opinion anyway. One of the women says she doesn’t eat meat. Elizabeth is thinking to herself, with the diary cam, that Hawaiian fare and Asian fare are about the same. She then asks, mind you right after the one woman says she only eats fish, what they would think about surf and turf on the same plate.

They go back into the kitchen. Paul and Elizabeth have 45 minutes to create a tasting menu for the committee. They are responsible for filling their team in on the wants. Elizabeth right away goes into her kitchen and says they definitely said that they want to do Asian. She continues, saying she wants to do a BACON-wrapped scallop. I wish I could fast forward to when they lose the challenge. Carrie and Elise are so busy every week causing all the drama, maybe causing some deadweight to float along unnoticed. Paul tells his team that they want a Hawaiian them with pork and fish. He also notes that one of the women can’t eat meat.

Their tasting menu has to include one meat entrée, one fish entrée and an appetizer. For some reason Elizabeth is having them cook lentils with the pork. I don’t know on what planet lentils are Hawaiian or Asian. Wait till her team finds out what was actually said, not just what Elizabeth heard.

Time is up and the kitchens are ready to present. Chef Ramsay brings the committee in and says right off the bat that they are looking forward to their Hawaiian tasting menu. Jennifer, Elise and Jamie all drop their jaws.

Blue team presents their traditional Hawaiian appetizer, served on a Panini. They love it. Red team made an Ahi tuna in guacamole, served with a wonton that looks like one of my dog’s rawhide bones. None of the ladies liked the combination on the red plate, and Carrie repeatedly tried to talk over them while they critiqued it. All three votes and the point go to the blue kitchen.

Krupa and Monterray are up next with their meat entrees. Red team makes Nut Crusted Pork Loin over Lentils. They thought the dish was tasty but could not understand the addition of lentils. Monterray serves Pork Tenderloin of Pineapple Mango Chutney. They all love his dish; including Chef Ramsay. Blue is awarded the second point.

Last up is the fish dish, we already know red won’t get this point because they added bacon to the scallop. The dish Elise presents looks beautiful and all the women are excited about it, until that is she says it has bacon cooked into the sauce. Finally Chef Ramsay turns to Elizabeth and asks her if she told her teammates that a member couldn’t eat meat. Elizabeth says she was under the impression that she could mix ingredients. I guess the word no has some interruption to it we don’t see. To add insult to injury Elise’s scallops are undercooked and the sauce tastes like barbecue.

Will presents his Banana Leaf-Steamed Opah. In case you don’t know, Opah is a huge Hawaiian Moonfish; it is silver and deep red-orange. It is served with a coconut chili sauce. The women are rolling their eyes; they are so in love with the dish. The point obviously goes to the blue kitchen again. The women are shut out.