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Big Brother 13, Aug. 4 – First Veteran Leaves the Game

A past houseguest chimes in. Dick talks about how the game is turning out since he left, mostly about Dani’s game play. He says there’s no way in Hell he’d let her play this bad of a game if he was still there. He thinks she’s trying to come out of his shadow so desperately, that she’s playing so hard and so fast, making her play terribly. With Dominic, all she did was lay in bed with him, making him a bigger target. It was just like the showmance she had with Nick last time. He thinks she could have waited for final eight to start breaking up the couples. He thinks she still has a shot at winning, but thinks it will be harder for her to do without him.

Julie talks to Dani alone in the HoH bedroom, asking if she regrets trying to take Jeff out so soon the week before. Her only regret is making the move about two weeks too soon, which is the same thing her father was saying. She’s there to make big moves, but it cost Dominic his game, and she’s sad about that. She thinks her dad is watching the feeds thinking she’s insane, but that’s coming from one insane person to another. She knows he’d be happy with her playing to the best of her ability though. With Rachel, she thinks the problem is that she just plays too personally.

The nominees get a chance to address their housemates before the vote, and Brendon tells his and Rachel’s families that they love and miss them very much. He’s thankful for the opportunity to fight alongside his best friend and soulmate. He has to fight not to cry, and says for her to have him as her Big Brother husband is honoring. He knows if he leaves, she’ll fight very hard and represent them both. Jordan refers to it being a long week and very stressful. She reminds everyone she came back to the house so that she could spend the summer with Jeff. She advises them to vote for who they think will get them further in the game.

When it comes to the vote, only Rachel and Porsche vote for Jordan, as Brendon is evicted 5-2. Shelly and Adam, it seems, took Jordan’s advice to vote for who would get them further. Brendon is the better competitor, so this is definitely the best game move for everyone. Brendon says a quick goodbye to everyone so that he can spend longer saying goodbye to his fiancé.

Outside the house, Julie asks Brendon why he saved his fiancé, and he replies love is a crazy thing while fighting back tears. She’s everything to him, and he’d do it a thousand times over, as he knows she would have done it for him last year. This will be the longest time they have spent apart since they met last summer. Asked whether he did it for love or  because he believed she could go further in the game, he replies both. He thinks Dani turned against the veterans because she’s still living in her dad’s shadow, and it’s hard to surpass Evel Dick. He figures she’ll only last a few more weeks, and knows Rachel will be gunning for her.

In Brendon’s goodbye messages, Kalia pretends to cry, but it laughing. She genuinely has no clue as to why he’s so arrogant. She knows there are indeed a lot of things easier than rocket science, and apparently getting him out of the house is one of them. Jordan tells him she wants an invitation to “y’alls wedding.” Jeff won $10,000, so she assures him they’ll get a good wedding gift. Dani tells Brendon she felt splitting them up was her best gameplay, as he split her up from her closest ally. Maybe if his tongue wasn’t so busy with just one houseguest, he could have been making deals with the others. Rachel reminds him they have the rest of their lives to be together, and suggests their babies will see their love story on DVD.

Julie announces to the remaining houseguests that whoever is evicted this week will have a chance to get back in the game. She tells the fans, but not the houseguets, that whoever leaves this week will battle it out with America’s choice of the first four evicted housemates and will reenter the game.

The Head of Household competition is an elimination Q&A. Two people at a time will answer a question, and the person to get it wrong will be eliminated, as the person who gets it right will call the next two people up. It will continue until there is only one person left. All the questions will be about the the first three evicted houseguests, Keith, Cassi, and Dominic.

Jordan and Kalia are up first. Julie only gets out, “During the eviction ceremony, who referred to the others as …” and Kalia answers Dominic correctly, knocking Jordan out. Rachel and Lawon are called up, and Julie asks, “Who did not play in the March of the Ants Have Not …” Rachel answers Keith correctly, and Lawon is out. Kalia and Adam are called and asked who was nominated for eviction twice. Kalia answers “Dominic” correctly. She’s in, and Adam is out.

Rachel and Porsche are called up, and Rachel answers “Dominic.” but is wrong, and she’s out. Jeff and Shelly are called up and asked, “During eviction, who said there’s some friendships I’ll …” and Shelly answers it correctly that it was Cassi. Jeff is out. Kalia and Porsche are called up to answer who the third houseguest was to fall off the bananas. Kalia answers Keith and is correct. Porsche’s out. The last two up are Shelly and Kalia. They are asked who spelled the word STANDING. Kalia gets it correct that it was Dominic. She wins the next HoH, as Rachel stands nearby pouting.

This definitely bodes well for Dani, as Kalia was her one and only alliance after Dominic. The temptation might be to get Jeff out next and break up the next couple, but Rachel is the bigger threat with it now being individuals. Besides, if they take into account Julie’s words, that whoever is evicted gets a chance to get back in the game, they should realize that the others who were evicted will have the same shot.

They should realize this could change up alliances again. It will be Keith, Cassi, Dominic, or Brendon vs. whoever is out this week. The audience probably won’t vote Keith or Brendon, and will most likely vote Dominic. While Brendon vs. Rachel to get back in the game would be highly entertaining it’s least likely to happen. Dominic has a better shot at winning against Rachel than he does against Jeff. For Kalia and Dani, that’s there better option. However, they won’t know it will be battle to get back in. The past two weeks, Kalia has shown to be a far better competitor than she let on in the beginning. If she fights to keep her nominations in the PoV the same way, it could be an interesting week.

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