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Big Brother 13, Aug. 4 – First Veteran Leaves the Game

The veterans all walked into this game with huge targets on their backs. They’re three of the most powerful duos ever to play Big Brother. Dick leaving for a personal matter cut their chances a little, yet still, they owned the game the first three weeks in the house. Daniele then tried a bold game move to break up her alliance. It didn’t work, and she lost her best ally, Dominic, instead. Luck was on her side as she won HoH just when she needed it.

Dani put the biggest competitors of the veterans on the block right away. Brendon and Rachel also happened to be the pair who got Dominic evicted. After Brendon won the veto, he made a bold move and took Rachel off the block. He considered it a no-brainer, saying relationships are about sacrifice, and he thought he was better off than she would be in the same spot.

For Dani, it was her Big Brother dream come true. He was her main target all along, so she wasn’t upset for him to pull Rachel off the block. She replaced her with Jordan, knowing people aren’t threatened at all by her, despite her being the only former winner in the house. She knows people are way more threatened by Brendon who “wants to trample over old women and babies to get the prizes.”

Jeff wasn’t surprised that Dani put Jordan up instead of him, realizing as well that she stood a better chance of staying. Jordan is hoping she has people on her side, as she brought an eviction dress and doesn’t plan to wear it this week. She’ll be mad if she gets evicted anyway and doesn’t even get a shot at wearing it.

Rachel just has a hard time thinking of doing this without Brendon. He tells her to stop crying, as at least she won’t be voted out. The one thing they’re happy about is the bomb they dropped on everyone when he took her off the block instead of himself. She wonders who she’ll jump on when she wins HoH if he’s not there.

Shelly tells Jeff and Jordan that she just doesn’t get it, why Brendon would save Rachel and leave himself up there. They all recognize that Rachel is still a good competitor. Jeff isn’t sure how he’ll deal with Rachel without Brendon around when “every fruit and vegetable reminds her of Brendon.”

Dani admits there’s not much she’s afraid of in the Big Brother house, but she is afraid of Jordan leaving, as then she knows she’s in trouble. She tries to count up the votes, and knows that Kalia, Lawon, and Jeff will vote to keep Jordan, so she just needs one more vote. She wants to make sure she has the rest of the newbies against Brendon and Rachel.

Brendon tries to count up the votes as well. He knows he’ll have Rachel’s vote, and hopes he also has Adam’s, Shelly’s, and Porsche’s. He talks to Adam, telling him he’ll keep him safe the rest of the summer if he votes for him. but that’s a sucker’s promise, as promises mean nothing when they’re made because your butt’s on the line. He approaches Shelly as well, and she’s not sure what to do, as so far she’s been successfully riding both sides of the house.

Dani approaches Adam as well. He mentions in the DR that he’s still not sure how he’s going to vote. Dani even goes after the vote of Rachel’s closest ally, Porsche. She’s worried she’ll be giving Brendon a pity vote. Dani tells her she feels like she has her back in the game. Rachel comes up to the HoH and sees the two of them talking, and they  basically make her so uncomfortable she leaves. Porsche suggests maybe she keeps forgetting it’s not her room.

The thought of Porsche hanging out with Dani kills Rachel, as she complains, “Why don’t you just take a knife right now and gut me?” Porsche later goes to Rachel and tells her to stop being sad as it’s making people uncomfortable. She urges her to pull it together. Rachel gets upset and runs off, saying she’s going to be fighting all by herself just like last summer. Brendon follows her to the hammock and tells her he’s leaving her in the game so she can play, but now she’s screwing herself.  

Live tonight, Julie Chen assesses the situation. She asks Rachel what it means to her to have Brendon use the veto on her, as it’s extremely rare for a veto winner to save the other nominee. The one and only other time it was done was when Dick saved Daniele. She refers to it being once in a lifetime love, and knows it’s because he has so much faith and trust in her that she can fight for the both of them. It’s pointed out to Jeff that he left before Jordan in their season, but now she sits on the block. He’s never spent a minute in the house without her, and can’t imagine being there without her.


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