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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 1 – Do Good Things Come in Small Packages

Needless to say, the women are miserable. The blue team is enjoying the hot tub, a massage, and are even offered a free wax. Jonathan is all man and will stick to his razor. Will decides since his wife does it, which I’m sure she loves being broadcast across America, he will get his brows done. After all, how hard can it be? Aww Will, you don’t understand the price of beauty.

The teams return to their kitchens to get ready for service; both teams seem ready to go. Natalie and Jennifer will be preparing one of the appetizers tableside in the dining room. They are serving Halibut Sashimi, which is just thinly sliced raw halibut.

The communication in the blue kitchen is starting out strong tonight; Paul is taking the lead. Over in the red kitchen, Krupa is on hot appetizers and is very worried about proving herself to Chef Ramsay. Her first time up is not a charm. Chef Ramsay tells her, “I know you don’t know the difference between veal and beef, but surely you know the difference between soup and risotto”. It is going to be a long night for Krupa in Hell’s Kitchen. The second time up she cooks it perfectly.

Jennifer is busy in the dining room trying to keep up with her tableside service. I would assume that the restaurant keeps the air conditioning on so that their patrons are comfortable. Jennifer is sweating, a lot. I wouldn’t be able to eat anything that she prepares with sweat dripping down her nose into the food. Chef Ramsay says he knows it is hot in the dining room; he suggests she use a towel to wipe herself off.

Forty-five minutes into service and the Blue kitchen is already done with appetizers, and on to entrees. Jonathan is slowing down the momentum because he can’t remember what garnishes go with what entrée. Paul goes in and tries to take over the station. Chef Ramsay tells him that he can help Jonathan out, but he can’t take over the station.

Red kitchen is still suffering from lack of communication. Tonight, however, it is Gina’s turn not to listen. With Chef Ramsay overseeing, Krupa asks Gina three times to slow down the scallops. Krupa ends up rushing and brings up undercooked spaghetti. They have to re-fire the ticket. It is a shame how much food they waste in these kitchens. Krupa can’t get it right the second time either. Chef Ramsay thinks that it is disgusting. Krupa is sent upstairs; she knows she has dug her own grave.

Blue kitchen is moving along serving entrees. Monterray is on the meat station. He feels confident, even when he is bringing raw, cold Wellingtons up to the pass. The red team is pushing appetizers out now that Krupa has been taken out of the equation.

Chef Ramsay moves back over to the blue kitchen to look for entrees from Monterray and Tommy, who is on fish station. I don’t understand contestants like Tommy. Chef Ramsay stands within 10 feet of them, screaming their name, and they just stare with their mouths open. Monterray, Paul and Chef Ramsay are screaming his name demanding to know when his fish ticket is ready. He goes from saying in a minute to in five minutes, which messes up everyone else’s dish. With pressure mounting, he then burns the fish. I guess he should have gone with that one minute timeframe instead.

The Red team has been able to catch up and start serving entrees. Gina suffers from blank face disease also. She talks to no one about when her fish is ready until she is walking to the pass. That’s never going to work. She has to restart the ticket. Elise, who is on garnish, thinks Gina is trying to throw her under the bus. I don’t think Gina even knows how to drive the bus.

Blue isn’t doing any better. Tommy’s fish is now right and ready to go, Monterray’s Wellingtons are overcooked. Chef Ramsay calls both of them over to him and sends them upstairs to join Krupa. Tommy had no idea why he was kicked out of the kitchen.

Gina and Elise are still not communicating with each other. Elise is ready with garnish so Gina decides to go. She brings up two raw bass. Gina and Elise are now sent upstairs to join the pity party. The remaining contestants are able to finish both services.

After the dinner service, both teams are told to go upstairs and select two members of their team that if gone would leave a stronger team. It would be stupid for the red team to nominate Carrie tonight. Blue team seems to be united with Monterray and Tommy as the nominations.

I have a feeling that red team nominations will not go as smoothly. Elizabeth thinks Krupa and Elise should go up. Elise admits that her service was sub-par, but doesn’t feel she was the weakest. Jennifer asks her who she would nominate, and she answers Krupa and Gina. It seems to be bouncing back and forth with the second nomination. Carrie is just happy it is not her. Elise thinks that it has nothing to do with her cooking or communication; she thinks it is all personal.

The teams head back down to the dining room. Paul is called on to tell Chef Ramsay which two the blue team are nominating. Monterray is first Paul says his performances have been lackluster. The second nomination is Tommy. They feel when Tommy shuts down it is a detriment to the team.

Chef Ramsay calls on Carrie to tell him who the nominations are for red team. Their first nomination is Krupa. Carrie explains it is because of the challenge mistake and the appetizer problems. Their second nominee is Elise, because of her failure to communicate.

All four are called down to the carpet. Elise tells Chef Ramsay she won’t be down there a third time. She continues, saying she is not the weakest member. Chef Ramsay asks her who she believes to be the weakest member of the team. Elise replies Gina is the weakest member. Chef Ramsay moves on to Krupa and asks her who the weakest member of the team is. Krupa believes Elise is the weakest player because of her attitude. He asks again, saying he didn’t ask for the weakest attitude but the weakest cook. Krupa agrees it is Gina. Funny how no one is saying Carrie’s name.

Chef Ramsay moves on to Tommy. Tommy admits he could have been more vocal, but says he didn’t give up or walk away from his station. It doesn’t mean he has given up; it means he has made a mistake. Monterray believes he is a great cook.

Chef Ramsay doesn’t push the guys very hard; I think he has already made up his mind. He calls Elise’s name out, pauses, and says I agree with you. He tells Gina to give him her jacket and leave Hell’s Kitchen. I think Chef Ramsay is enjoying teasing the red team. This is two weeks now he has called Elise’s name making it appear she is leaving, only to send her back.

Chef Ramsay tells Gina she has no voice and has disintegrated. She allowed garnish to call the shots tonight; she should have taken the responsibility that went with the fish station. Krupa is one lucky lady and realizes she dodged a bullet.

Chef Ramsay tells all of them he hasn’t given up and has seen flashes of brilliance. In the end, Chef Ramsay does not believe good things come in small packages. He thinks Gina’s talent matched her size … tiny.

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