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Hell's Kitchen, July 26 – Olympic Swimming in Salad Dressing

Blue kitchen is having communication problems of their own right now with the Chef’s table order. Chino is asked how long on meat; he gives one minute as his up-to-the-pass time. Scott then asks where it is, and Chino says 3 more minutes. Obviously his practicing holdups and failure in their mock kitchen trial has paid off. When he finally gets it to the window it is raw and cold. So what was he heating up? Oh wait, maybe no one told him this is no longer time to make pretend food.

Somehow, on one sizzle pan, Elise is able to bring up a dry bass and a raw bass at the same time. Chef Ramsay tells her she needs to start taking responsibility.

Chino is back up to the pass with his order; the first time it’s cold, and the second time cold and raw. Chef Ramsay orders the blue team to stop cooking. He calls everyone in to look at the meet. It looks disgusting. The lamb has uncooked white fat on it and with the Wellington, the dough looks wet and is separating from the meat. Chef Ramsay shuts down Blue kitchen. He goes over to the red kitchen and tells them to cook the blue kitchen’s chef’s table order. Gina brings up raw lamb. Why doesn’t anyone ever look at what they are bringing up? Do they think he is not going to see it?

Chef Ramsay shuts down the red kitchen. Sous Chefs Scott and Andi cook the chef table meals.

There is no winning team. Chef Ramsay instructs both teams to think of two people who will make their team better if they exit.

Chino is having a hard time accepting responsibility and goes on the attack. He tells Natalie she made things worse for him, and accuses her of deliberately making him look bad so she would look better. He goes on to say it is like she was on the red team. Yep Chino, she magically caused your perfectly cooked meat to go back to raw. Natalie starts to cry, which causes her team to rally around her, and further aggravate Chino.

Red kitchen eliminations appear to be being handled by Jamie. She writes everyone’s name on a piece of paper and is going to put an asterisk next to the name for each failure. It takes two seconds for Elise to take control and start screaming again. She truly believes she has done no wrong. She brings up the raw chicken of the challenge, yet when countered by Carrie that she brought up raw fish to Chef Ramsay, Elise blows up. It is really disgusting to me to watch this bully carry on and on with no one stepping in to stop her. Carrie walks away.

Back down in the dining room Blue team is asked for their nominations. Natalie tells Chef Ramsay their first nomination is Chino. Here is another thing that I never understand. When the person’s name is announced to Chef Ramsay, they always act so surprised. Did Chino think Natalie was going to change the name she calls out? Monterray is the second nomination because of his struggles with the fish station.

Chef Ramsay asks the Red team if they have come to a decision. Krupa, Jennifer, Gina and Jamie all say yes. Jennifer is asked to reveal the nominations. Their first nomination is Carrie. Chef Ramsay is surprised, and Jennifer says that Carrie is their bottom player. It makes no sense to me, as she certainly wasn’t the reason they were shut down tonight. He thinks that nomination is “interesting”. The second nomination is Elise. She says the team believes the arguments between Carrie and Elise are part of their problem. I guess they don’t have a problem with raw fish, rubbery scallops or raw lamb.

Chef Ramsay calls Elise, Carrie, Monterray and Chino forward. Monterray is asked to defend himself first. He believes that he was just having a bad night. Chef Ramsay believes he shut down during service. Monterray argues back. Chino thinks it has been rough but wants to stay for redemption. Carrie knows she has had a rough start but knows she is better than this. She believes it is in her heart and soul. Carrie goes on that red has to started thinking like a team, and adds that Elise is not a team player.

Of course, almost on cue, Elise jumps in and starts arguing. She is sure that every one of her team, if asked, would vote to drop Carrie. Chef Ramsay asks the women behind him who they would send packing. Elizabeth says Carrie. Jamie is asked next and says Elise. Good for her. Elise turns around quickly, and I am sure shoots her a look. Krupa is asked next and states Elise also. Jennifer also says Elise. Gina is the last vote and she says Elise. I have to wonder if Elizabeth went anything but first if she would say Carrie still. She seems very quiet and might have been trying to avoid Hurricane Elise. Chef Ramsay then turns to Blue team and asks Natalie who she would send home, she also says Elise. Chef Ramsay tells her he did what she wanted.

Elise starts spewing again, throwing everyone on the carpet under the bus. She then says she doesn’t throw anyone under the bus and can work on her attitude but others can’t work on their talent. Surely it is easier to teach someone how to cook meat then it is to teach someone to be considerate and respectful. Chef Ramsay says that it is time for his decision and calls Elise’s name. Everyone behind her is all smiles. He then tells her to get back in line. It is just a matter of time before she leaves. There is no way in the world Chef Ramsay would ever hire someone so nasty and rude to represent him, even if she was the best cook there – which she isn’t.

Chef Ramsay tells Chino “it is three times, you’re out” and asks for his jacket.

Jennifer tells the wine room cam, who knew there was a cam down there, that she recognizes it is going to get nasty with Elise. Elise believes that everyone hates a winner and that is why they are all hating on her so much. She recognizes she doesn’t have a friend in the house and is declaring war. I wonder if the last couple of weeks she has been nice. Even the announcer for the previews is calling her the Queen of Mean.

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