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Hell's Kitchen, July 26 – Olympic Swimming in Salad Dressing

Once again it comes down to the last pairing to decide the tie-breaking point. Roasted chicken is prepared by Elise/Elizabeth and Chino/Natalie. Elise presents for the judges a succulent roasted chicken; she just irks me to no end. I don’t think Elise knows who she is, and by trying to be something she maybe isn’t, she just ends up looking foolish. The judges are impressed with the restaurant look of the dish. When asked whose idea it was, she takes full credit. Elizabeth cringes and curses to the person next to her. Chef Ramsay comments to her that she doesn’t like sharing, and adds that he didn’t think she did. Natalie presents Roasted Chicken Curry Soup. Both judges love it and are happily surprised with it.

Red team wins the point and the challenge, Elise knew her dish was the best and that she would win the challenge. Chef Ramsay tells them they get to go fly the coop and go ride go-carts for the day. The best dish is Elizabeth’s and Elise’s so they will also be featured in People magazine.

For losing the challenge, the Blue team gets to make chicken stock all day. I thought they were going to have to clean up the chicken mess outside. Paul comments that he doesn’t know how Elise’s big head is going to fit in a helmet. Obviously her behavior is rubbing everyone the wrong way. Will notes that racing will quickly turn into bumper cars.

While the red team is racing carts, the blue team decides to do a mock service while the stock is cooking. They call out dishes and go over everything that needs to be done to complete that ticket. Smart. It must be very hot in the kitchen, as they have huge pots of stocking cooking on every available burner. Everything is running smoothly as mock Chef Ramsay, played by Paul with a really bad accent, calls out tickets. That is until they get to Chino. Instead of going with the flow in his mock beef station; he decides to say his make-believe meat is not ready to go to the window and forces everyone else to stop. Will later reveals to the pantry cam that Chino can’t even fake being a good chef.

Red must have been doing qualifying sprints over in the go-carts and it has come down to the final heat. Carrie, Jamie and Elise will race to decide the overall winner. Elise can’t even play fair. She breaks the house rules and pushes Carrie out of the way; Jamie goes on to win the race. No team building reward here.

Both teams are back in the kitchen prepping for dinner service. Elise continues down the road of mean and starts mouthing off to Sous Chef Andi, who has also had enough. She points out to Elise that she needs to remember her place and tells her to stop being so disrespectful. I feel that when these cooking shows have someone like this on it just lowers the quality of the show as a whole. The majority of the viewing audience is “foodies,” and this childish teen drama stuff just belittles the integrity.

The doors to Hell’s Kitchen are open for service. Tonight they will have the added pressure of having sports celebrities dining in the kitchen.

Misty May Treanor and Jen Kessy, champion volleyball players, will be dining in the red kitchen. Krupa is given the privilege of hosting them. She is very excited.

Over in the blue kitchen, it will be Olympic swimmers Mark Spitz and Janet Evans. Jonathan, who is on dessert station tonight, will be hosting the chefs table for the blue kitchen.

Red’s first ticket doesn’t go out due to rubbery, watery scallops cooked by Elise. Chef Ramsay takes the time to come over and show her the proper techniques; the second time to the window the scallops are perfect. Drats.

Jonathan serves appetizers to the chef table. Tommy has decided, I guess, to stick with the swimming theme and serves a Caesar salad swimming in dressing. The second time is the charm; blue team continues to push out appetizers.

The non-stop arguing between Carrie and Elise is taking a huge toll on red team’s ability to communicate in the kitchen. Timing of dishes is critical, and with both of them on appetizer component stations, nothing is getting done properly.

Blue kitchen has now moved on to entrees. Monterray is having a problem cooking fish. Sous Chef Scott goes over to help, but gets really upset when Monterray accepts no responsibility and says there is nothing he can do. When in doubt blame the fish I guess. After a curing match, Jonathan thinks Monterray should have been sent home on the spot. Jonathan tells him to man up and man his station. Monterray’s anger now gets focused on Jonathan. Will steps in and tells them both to cool it.

It takes the red team 2 hours to deliver all their appetizers to the dining room. Their communication issues are following them into entrees.