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Hell's Kitchen, July 26 – Olympic Swimming in Salad Dressing

Hell’s Kitchen, July 26 – Olympic Swimming in Salad Dressing

It’s a good thing I work for free, or I would have been fired and sent packing. Sorry to everyone that reads weekly; hit one of those bumpy life patches, and HK recapping and watching has fallen at my feet. Today is my birthday and I will be spending it recapping the three shows that I have missed. It is very hard to stay away from any media to spoil the eliminations, but I have managed to do it. Spending the day with Gordon Ramsay, that will be a nice birthday present. I guess I will have to settle for mean HK Gordon, instead of nice sweet Master Chef Gordon. Anyway, thanks for the loyalty and onto the final 14 chefs competing episode.

It’s obvious that the blue team functions better with Natalie on board, the great communicator of Hell’s Kitchen. They are coming off of a great dinner service and will enter the next challenge with some much needed team spirit. The poor red team is just dying. Elise and Carrie need to find some way to put behind their personal differences to work together or they will be picked off one by one. In this stage of Hell’s Kitchen there is still a lot of dead weight to get rid of on both sides. Some people can’t leave soon enough for me.

Right away on tonight’s episode Elise and her big mouth start up. In a world full of bullies, though, I am not sure who is worse. The girl who has no problem throwing someone under the bus in front of everyone, or the table of women who say nothing and just let her keep going. I am not crazy about Carrie, and still think she is on the wrong reality show, but I give her credit for being strong. I couldn’t continue to be beat down and go on. She reminds me of Lacey from a few seasons back.

Every season it seems that the producers cast a mean girl and a sexist jerk. Luckily this go round we didn’t have to listen to the sexist jerk too long, but I have had it up to here with Elise and her mouth. How many did a visual picture just then of your mother standing in a hallway with one hand at her forehead and the other on her hip? It would appear that Krupa has also had enough of Elise as she has packed her things and moved into another room to get away from her.

At 7:00 the next morning the sous chefs arrive in the dorm with bins of overalls and boots for the next challenge. Everyone is told to wake up, get dressed and meet them downstairs. They are greeted in the parking lot with a bunch of hens in a pen. Will is worried because he is from Jersey and they don’t chase chickens. Will needs to expand his horizons and venture out to the rest of Jersey, not just the gold chain wearing, Camaro parts of the state that chases “chicks”.

The challenge today appears simple, prepare four chicken dishes. The contestants must run into the pen, catch a chicken, put it in its coop, and then run to a wall and pick an ingredient that they want to cook with. They will have 5 minutes to pull as many ingredients as they can. They are allowed to send in one person from each team at a time to hunt down their chick. The women end up with 9 extra ingredients and the blue team wrangles in 11.

They are sent back to the dorms to wash up and meet back in the kitchen to start cooking their four chicken dishes. Scott and Andi bring out the chicken for them to use. The teams are only given one roaster chicken each. Hopefully someone on each team has some good butchering skills because they are going to have to make every piece count. They are given 30 minutes to complete to task.

The teams are divided into pairs; each pair must use a different technique to cook their chicken dish. They must grill, sauté, roast and fry. Before the dishes are even tasted by Chef Ramsay, Carrie is placed on the chopping block. Gina throws her under first telling Chef Ramsay that the chicken that they fried is raw. Then Elise comes in and backs the bus up and says Carrie is always the common denominator of their failures.

Chef Ramsay tells them to hold it together because he has guest judges coming in for this challenge. Jen Garcia, senior writer from People magazine, and Editor of Entertainment Weekly Dave Karger, are going to be picking out the best chicken dish. The chef that wins the best dish will be featured with Chef Ramsay in People Magazine. I was wondering why two non-foodie people were judging.

Fried Chicken is up first. Carrie and Gina are bringing up what Gina suggests is raw chicken, they will be going against Paul for the point. Chef Ramsay doesn’t even have them try the red team dish and sends them back in line. I sure wish the camera man would take a picture of it because from the outside it looks good. Carrie swears it isn’t raw and Chef Ramsay doesn’t even look at it. This should be an easy point for Paul. He did a southern style friend chicken with a white gravy and roasted corn. Ms. Garcia thinks that it is good and classic. Dave Karger thinks it was a little difficult to eat, but likes the flavors. Blue is obviously awarded a point.

Jennifer and Krupa are the next up for the red team with their sauté dish. They have made a classic Chicken Cacciatore; both judges think it tastes much better than it looks. Jonathan and Will make Lemon-Herbed Sautéed Chicken. Jen thinks the dish is beautiful and could easily see it on a page in their magazine. I must admit I do not read People Magazine, so someone tell me when they went from showcasing pictures of celebrity cellulite legs to beautiful food dishes. Both teams are awarded a point.

Grilled Chicken is up next. Jamie presents for Red kitchen against Monterray and Tommy. Jamie makes a grilled Chicken Salad. Jen thinks that the flavors threw her off, but adds the chicken is cooked well. Dave agrees it is cooked perfectly; they both enjoyed it. Tommy puts his dish down and right away Dave and Chef Ramsay comment that there is not much chicken on the plate. Earlier when they were plating, Monterray dropped half the breast on the floor. Again, the dish is not even tasted and this time red is awarded a point.