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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 3 – All Amazingly Gifted Dancers

Lil ‘C tells Sasha and Ricky they were amazing. For constructive criticism, it’s so funky, glamorous, sassy, and rhythmical, but he would have liked to have seen them enjoy it more, as they were too focused on the steps. They weren’t allowing themselves to get intimate in the routine and channel the femininity aspect of it. It needs to be to the bone, but it was a great job. Christina thinks it’s nice to see them have personality, to see soulful Sasha flirtatious and smiling. She does think they could have whacked it a little harder though.

Melanie and Tadd paired up to take on a Spencer Liff Boardway number. Tadd is a star choreographer, and Melanie his lead dancer. She confuses the passion in the dance for actual love and falls for him, as Tadd realizes that and uses it to seduce her. At the end she realizes it’s only a dance for him. They dance to Shriley Bassey’s (Where do I Begin) Love Story. She is absolutely fabulous with her emotions in this, and he’s so amazing. This is a B-Boy doing this.

Nigel tells Melanie she has to go back to her solo first, and tells her it’s probably one of the best solos he’s seen across this series ever. Not only is she the original beast of the season, she is a brilliant actress as well as an incredible dancer. It started with the overdramatic piece, then moved on to being about to this person who is more honest with the relationship. Her breath in and out when he was about to kiss her meant just as much as her technical dancing. She’s back to being his favorite dancer. To think Tadd is in this routine with one of the best dancers they’ve ever had on the series, just to say he didn’t suck is a compliment. But there were also the little things he did. He is outstanding in what he does as well.

Lil ‘C tells Mealnie if Tadd doesn’t want her after that, there are plenty of men in America who will. He loves that her artistry speaks for itself. It’s like there is a quiet fire that entices everyone and pulls them in. It was so technical and sensuous at the same time. She is extremely buck, and as Nigel said, her solo was so beefy. Tadd already nows he’s doing his thing, and he’s growing leaps and bounds.

Christina has to be the third person to point out Melanie’s solo. They were literally banging the table during her solo. She reminds her of Donna McKechnie in A Chorus Line, but so much better. She’s taken dance to another level for Christina. She has to ask Tadd who he is and why he has so many better moves than some ballet dancers. She could just watch his hands go. Mary thinks her colleagues have said it all. The love story here really is that America has fallen in love with both of them. They’re both extraordinary in their own styles, and she feels privileged to be here this season to witness this kind of dancing.

We’re up to our last dance with Caitlynn and Marko who are taking on a Sonya Tayeh jazz routine. Marko is an overbearing controlling man as Caitlynn is trying to get away to find her own voice. She finds it fun to get into a character that is so totally different from herself. Marko notes Caitlynn isn’t cute and sexy in this one for a change. She has to pretend it’s not him too. They dance to Heavy In Your Arms by Florence + the Machine, and from the first step, it’s gritty and dirty and marvelous. It’s just yet another fabulous routine. They’re both gorgeous in it.

After a standing ovation, Lil ‘C says when he tweets and wants to put emphasis on something, he adds a hashtag. This wasn’t just buck, but was double hashtag buck. It was so reckless and so convicted, it was murderous. Christina tells Marko they keep referring to the women as the beasts, but he’s a beast too. His aggression was so beautiful and pulpable, and for Caitlynn, that was her moment and her time.

Mary jokes she didn’t really care for it, then says it was one of Caitlynn’s best numbers ever. This was another breakthrough just when they thought it wasn’t really possible. When you dream about something and really want it, you can make those changes. Those changes were in her emotions tonight. They always knew she had it in her body, but this time, she brought the true grit to it. Marko has always been a beast and always her favorite dancer on the show. When he somersaulted over the top of her, she thought he was going to break every bone in his body.

Nigel says he was upset with Sonya over the chandelier routine, but this more than makes up for it and proves why she is a world class choreographer. Caitlynn came of age tonight and showed how mature she could be. He wants her to keep hold of it. So many people look at her and see a pretty girl and don’t see the dancer. Marko shows it every time he’s out on the stage.

Wow. What a show. How do you even begin to vote? They were all so amazing. There isn’t anyone who we watched tonight who I didn’t think at least during one routine was absolutely amazing! Tomorrow’s eliminations will be incredible to watch, as we’ll be watching two amazingly gifted dancers leave.

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