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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 3 – All Amazingly Gifted Dancers

Mary agrees with all of that as well as the beautiful free-flowing movement Ricky produced tonight. It was as if he was just bouncing off the piano keys in that song. He’s been in the bottom three so often and risen from the ashes, and now is one step away from the final. She thinks he may have saved himself again. Nigel thought the routine was lovely. We search all our lives for that person, then go about trying to change them. While he danced it well, he’s still dancing high, and he wants him to feel it lower. It will strengthen him and give him stronger bases to work from.

Tadd’s dad says the family in the Phillipines has enjoyed his performances. He wishes Tadd the best and hopes he makes it again all the way to the top, as he backs him all the way. Tadd does another unique dance to We Speak No Americano by Yolanda BCool & DCup. You just wouldn’t expect B-Boy to this song, and that’s what makes it fabulously interesting.

Sasha’s dad recalls her being bubbly as a kid. She was always like Peter Pan. Her mom calls her a beautiful person. When he first saw Sasha onstage, he started crying, and her mom knew it was something special. She dances tonight to Lady Gaga’s Teeth. There’s that wonderful earthiness that I love so much from her. She’s just so captivating. It’s just always so hard to not watch her.

Caitlynn is paired with Pasha Kovalev in a Dmitry Chaplin samba. He says there are three elements to a samba: being sexy, great music, and being sexy. Caitlynn and Pasha should give those first and third elements to it. She has to crawl up his leg at one point, and it’s “a little naughty.” They’re dancing tonight to Kat DeLuna’s Drop It Low (District 78 Remix). He definitely gives the first and third rules for this song, and she kicks it in gear and does the same halfway through as well.

Christina thinks Caitlynn did really well. She’s so beautiful, and her body “like whatever.” She doesn’t know much about the terminology of that, but the thing with the knees, it often looks a little dorky, but that looked really good. Mary says when a contestant gets a second chance to do another number, they expect it to be better, and “by God that was.” Their bodies were melting together, and everything was fabulous. They were on fire. She did pull her face around a bit too much though.

Nigel couldn’t have gotten a sheet of tissue paper between Caitlynn and Pasha’s bodies on the samba rolls, as they were that good, but Mary’s right. She needs to be careful not to pull those sexy faces. She needs to let her body and dancing do the talking. Lil ‘C is in agreeance with everyone. She danced amazingly, but when channeling the specific emotion, as far as sexy, she wants to swan dive into it and not cannonball. She’s sexy already, and that’s more sexy than anything.

Marko’s mom talks about touching the TV screen while at home in Guam, saying that’s her son. She would always cry, and finally when she came to L.A., he told her he was dedicating his performance to her. She can only ask for him to stay humble and do his best, then God will do the rest. He dances his solo to James Morrison’s Wonderful World, and literally bounds out onstage, diving in. It’s amazing as always, but I think he needs that other person to bounce his emotions off of.

Melanie’s mom notes she’s always been a performer. From the time she could talk, she sang, and from the time she could walk, she danced. She still can’t believe this is her on the stage. It’s surreal. Melanie dances her solo tonight to Cracks by Freestylers featuring Belle Humble. Now this is what I always love to see, when the dancers bring all the past weeks of instruction and choreography into their solos close to the end. You can see it all in that performance. Cat calls her out and says she had he headphones on backstage figuring out her solo just a few minutes ago. Amazing.

Sasha and Ricky are taking on the dance style of whacking, choreographed by Kumari Suraj. She explains the style comes from 1970s L.A. It’s about the individual and who you are right now in your life. It takes a lot of precision and control and is very difficult. They whack tonight to Schoolin’ Life by Beyoncé. It’s a cute dance, but doesn’t come close to measuring up to the performances either of them did earlier. It kind of sells them short as they leave viewers with this to vote for. They have no chemistry anyway, as she’s so earthy, and he’s so “up.”

Mary says watching Princess Lockeroo made her love this style. Sasha and Ricky did a good job, but weren’t in that same level as Princess. She loved the different rhythms throughout the routine and thinks Sasha whacked a little better than Ricky. Nigel didn’t think the whacking was lacking anything, but thinks Princess Lockeroo used her arms more. He enjoyed the fun of this, but wants Ricky to relax more, as when he’s thinking, he loses a little bit. Sasha was fabulous. He just proved everything they said earlier about not having to push to be sexy, as she was sexy just relaxing in it.


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