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So You Think You Can Dance, Aug. 3 – All Amazingly Gifted Dancers

I’ve been a fan of So You Think You Can Dance since episode one, season one, and I can’t ever remember a season as exciting as this one, with this much talent. Even the people getting kicked off every week seem capable of winning the show. It was a hard eliminiation the first week, so hard, Nigel didn’t even do it. And it just hasn’t ever gotten any easier, but the dancing has continued to get more and more impressive.

Each dancer will dance two dances and a solo tonight. Joining Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy on the panel tonight are Christina Applegate and Lil ‘C. Christina, it turns out, started dancing when she was 3 and danced until she got pregnant with her little girl. She is also saying it’s the best season she’s seen of the show. Nigel discusses National Dance Day, saying he went to Valencia at Six Flags and had a great time.

Melanie Moore is paired up first with Twitch on a Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo hip hop. The dance is centered around a young girl called Little Red who is rding through the hood, afraid of the big bad wolf. Twitch calls it a fairy tale with a twist. They dance to Roman’s Revenge by Nicki Minaj featuring Lil Wayne. As much as she can do some beautiful contemporaries, Melanie can really get down, too, going toe-to-toe with Twitch.

Lil ‘C congratulates Melanie for just getting through the routine, because it’s a difficult piece of music to dance to, and the moves are extremely fast. Hip hop is such an extension of what people in the ghetto incur on a daily basis. The way they move is a response to how the music makes them feel. It was shaky, but when they got to “like a dungeon dragon,” he was feeling her. Christina tells Melanie that watching her every week gives her hope. She takes everyone on a journey as we feel like dancing is the only thing that’s going to mend a broken heart. In this, though, she was breaking hearts being so evil. Christina has never seen her get so down and dirty before.

Mary tells Melanie in all eight seasons, her brother has never called her about a contestant, but right before tonight’s show, he called to tell her Melanie had the most adorable charm, just like Shirley Temple. But Shirley could never dance just like Melanie did just now. She was so hard-hitting, and is so committed in everything she does. It was great to see her be drawn to this other side of her, making Mary think there isn’t anything she can’t do. Nigel agrees Melanie is an absolutely phenomenal dancer, and while there was allegations she wasn’t pushed into styles she wasn’t used to, the fact is she’s just good at everything. “Grandma, what a big talent you’ve got.”

Sasha Mallory is teamed with Kent Boyd as they work on a Tyce Diorio routine about two people who hit a wall in their relationship, as it shows all the emotions we go through when someone does us wrong. Kent notes that the acting and character behind it is way more important than the actual dance. Sasha can relate to this, saying life is such a struggle. She wants to show America what she has to say. They try to do just that to Fool of Me by Me’Shell Noegeocello, as they literally hit a “wall.” It’s some amazingly beautiful dancing, and acted well by earthy Sasha. Tyce looks to be crying at the end.

Christina has to get her words in order for Sasha. There have been girls in the competition who can do all the right moves, but she doesn’t care. They’re amazing technicians, but Sasha puts her finger against a wall and breaks her heart. That’s dance. She’s been watching her the whole time and doesn’t know what she’s gone through her whole life, but something’s hurt her, and she thanks her for being courageous and showing us her pain. She made Christina shake in her brilliance.

Mary says it was absolutely intoxicating from the very second they started. She’s not sure what hurt Sasha in her life, but when Kent threw her to the ground, so many of us have been there, and know it’s what you do when you get back up. Her technique is amazing, and Tyce took a simple wall and created this art. It was so dynamic and artistic. Tyce has built such a body of work on this show that is so incredible, and Sahsa is still a superstar to her.

Nigel agrees with the other two. Tyce was at his creative best in this routine, as was Sasha sharing her emotions. He hopes this isn’t just about Sasha’s life that she has this ability, as if it is, she’s led an incredibly emotional life. But to bring us into the routines, it’s her brilliance. Christina nailed it when she said this is something that so many dancers experience and what draws them in, that they can put their emotions into the work. She does it brilliantly and passionately, and it’s why she’s gone back to being his favorite dancer.

Lil ‘C is trying not to cry, and says in life, it’s about being in a relationship with yourself and with life. And sometimes life treats you unfairly, and you feel like you put so much into it and it never reciprocates. That portal she dances from for this whole routine, he understands. He felt like she was speaking to him the whole time. It’s all about not being ashamed of your struggle, but rejoicing in the fact you can come out in front of people and talk about how victorious you are in coming through it. He loves the way she dances and would give anything to work with her this season. She is ten notches past amazing and just went up ten more.


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