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Expedition: Impossible – Ep 6 – Which Way Was The Monkey Facing?

Love the Lord of the Rings-ish shot of the boats floating on the river. The show sure has some great cinematography. However, Aragorn and Legolas didn’t flip their boats, but these teams seemed to flip constantly. I think all three Footballers went into the drink at one point. As a result, the almost unstoppable Gypsies move into first again. Cali Christina shows up for the episode only to get trapped in a thicket and almost get her team eliminated. Fab 3 does some nice paddling to pass a cluster-you-know-what of teams and move to second. But again, it was Erik paddling that made the compelling TV, and Jeff shouting to him about which rocks are in his way.

Task 6 – paddle another mile and make a climb up to the camp. No Limits finish third and come up with a new superhero, Super Blind. Although, I think that might actually be Daredevil. Country Boys come in fifth, in what was a very quiet leg for these guys. So quiet, I actually forgot they were still in it.

And still, no idea what the name of the Female cop is, nor what she sounds like. Great job show.

Order of Finish – Gypsies (again), Fab 3, No Limits, Footballers, Country Boys, Cali Girls, Cops, and Fishermen (ELIMINATED)

Next week – Skydiving. Gypsy tea. Fab 3 losing patience…again. And someone may have a broken ankle.

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