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Expedition: Impossible – Ep 6 – Which Way Was The Monkey Facing?

OK, I am going to be complementary to start this week’s column. I know, it’s so much more fun to mock, but I have to give credit. This week, we had our first ending which did not put me to sleep. I was actually surprised by, and interested to watch, the race up to the finals.

The Fishermen, Cops and Cali Girls were neck and neck and neck to the end. Well, there are three on each team, so I guess they were neck and neck and neck and neck and neck and neck and neck and neck and neck. The most interesting part of that race to the end was that we really didn’t know how it would end. Most of these legs have made it fairly clear who was the goner, but not this one. Even better, due to a very tiny landing point in the kayak race, the girls and the cops got there at the same time, ahead of the Fishermen. However, all of the kayaks piled up and left them clogged up, allowing the Fishermen to arrive.

At first glance this was awesome, and I was really into the reveal. Upon further reflection, I should not have been. The end seems to have been fairly close to the shore, so by the time the Fishermen were able to get out of the water they were hopelessly behind. But at the time, it was pretty cool. And that’s something this show needs – some cool moments. And of course, they had to ruin it by having the Cops and Cali Girls leisurely stroll to the checkpoint as if it was a romantic walk on the beach. They knew who was behind them, so…drama diminished.

Anyway – I had fun with the stream of conscience last week, so we get it again…

Another TAR moment – EI has co-opted the old “eat, sleep and mingle” with the other contestants. I missed that old feature. So, I am perfectly ok with EI bringing back TAR features I liked. I am waiting for the Fast Forward.

Gypsy Taylor – “Having an injured teammate can be detrimental.” Really? Thanks for the insight. Next we may find out that it is helpful to finish ahead of the other teams when the leg ends.

I really prefer the single day legs, because no useless midpoint with a pointless bunching.

Task 1 – use a hand line to cross the river and then walk 1.5 miles into a town to find a rug store. Really, we have come to that point in reality shows where we are going to rug stores? When are we going to a lamp shop…oh wait. I guess next week is antiquing.

Task 2 – At the flea market…I mean, the rug store, find a rug with five holes. Then hold it up to one of the strangely out of place signs to get the next clue. I like how AJ started to opine about the concept of a needle in a haystack. Yes, we are familiar with that concept, AJ. Even better, later after his team has been passed by everyone, and they are searching the stack of rugs for the last remaining rug, he says that NOW it’s a needle in a haystack. Um, no, it has always been one. Figuratively. Literally, it was never a needle. So both literally and figuratively, AJ is full of crap.

No Limits actually used the words “jibber jabber,” which makes me think of Mr. T. And that’s always a good thing.

No shock that Fab 3 did not do that task well, probably because they seemed to be tossing rugs around willy nilly. There’s no real strategy there.

Interesting watching No Limits try to maneuver around the winding staircase. Jeff basically barking to Erik telling him what kind of steps to take. Those two are fascinating to watch – it’s a great dynamic and a wonderful display of friendship.

Love the goofy music as Fishermen attempted to figure out the puzzle. Fish Joe points out the obvious – “We were confused.” They sure were. That performance at the challenge cost them the game. They were so close at the end, and the time bled at the rug challenge did them in.

Task 3 – Jump off a cliff or rappel down the rocks. Better known to TAR fans as a Detour. Call it what you want, EI, but a Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. And this had two tasks, one scary and one easy. That’s called a Detour. And the worst part about this Detour…the jump off the cliff into the water was not very far. It may not have been too hard, but for Blind Erik? Yeah, dude jumped off the cliff into the water. Thirty feet. Best part about this season – watching the Erik/Jeff friendship play out over this wacky show.

Meanwhile, the Fishermen were behind and managed to be the only team to consider the slower rappel. Does anyone wonder why they lost? Joe talked about them being stubborn, but sometimes you have to give in and that is hard to do. Either Joe was talking about his team or he was talking about Congress. Not sure.

Task 4 – Take a zip line across the river. Gypsies have caught up with the Footballers. On the other side of the river, they have to unlock the bundle of paddles by swimming over to a cave and finding the key which corresponds to the animal on the lock. The trick is, there are four keys for each animal, so you had to memorize the specifics of the image. Nice twist. Of course, it is an easy fix as some teams realize they just need to scream loudly enough to their teammates to find out details on the image. Of course, some fail to do this and have to swim back. Dumb. Fab 3 don’t do either but go with the 25% chance and guess correctly/