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Big Brother 13, July 31 – Brenchel with a Snowball's Chance in Hell

Dani is just excited to be back in the game again, and says if the others weren’t scared before, they better be scard now. Rachel knows Dani and Kalia are after her, as does Jeff. Dani and Kalia run into the storage room to celebrate and announce they’re going to turn the house upside down.

Kalia goes up to Rachel to try and tell her she has no beef with Rachel, and she gets mad at her. Kalia tells her she was just trying to be nice. She knows when Rachel isn’t HoH, she plays the victim card and has a pity party. “Poor you. Kiss my butt!” Rachel, in turn, thinks Kalia is crazy with a capital C, as  all she does is complain and whine, and make alliances with everyone.

Dani tells Jordan she’s not going after her and Jeff this week, but Jordan doesn’t trust her. Jeff just needs Jordan to stay positive. He tells her it’s “go time” and holds up the card saying he won the $10,000. He likes being the underdog, and tells her to go from HoH to the Have Not room, they’ve gone from the penthouse to the outhouse.

Jeff has another of his wonderful analogies and suggests that Dani inviting them all to see her HoH room is kind of like your ex-girlfriend asking you to come over and check out her new apt. H then compares it to being on death row, except the executioner is bringing you up to their apartment for a dinner party.  

In one of the best moments of the season so far, Lawon talks about being accepted as a gay man. He explains he’s playing Big Brother for all those whose voices will never be heard and are afraid to tell. He just wants to be himself, and if that can make someone else be a better person, then he feels he will have won Big Brother.

Jeff and Jordan go up to Dani’s HoH swallowing their pride. They just want to hear what she has to say. She apologizes and tells them it was a game move when she tried to get Jeff out last week, and not a personal attack. Even though she’s in control this week, Dani wants to mend fences quickly in order to have her back covered next week. The three of them reach a deal that if she doesn’t put the two of them up this week, they will return the favor next week.

Brendon and Rachel are the next ones to go upstairs to visit with Dani. He apologizes to her for losing his temper with her earlier. They believe Dani was trying to get Jeff out last week to have an easier time in the game. Well, duh! Rachel now wants to work together, interestingly enough. They couldn’t do it last week, but now this week, when Dani’s HoH, suddenly Rachel thinks it’s a good idea! Brendon promises to not backdoor Dani if she keeps them safe this week.

It just wouldn’t make sense for Dani to put up anyone other than someone that is gunning the most for her. Sure, she tried to get Jeff out last week, but that was only because Brenchel was HoH. This week, it makes more sense to get rid of the larger competitors, and now that it’s not couples, one has to stay up on the block, even if they win the veto.

I’m not sure exactly what Dani’s reasons are for nominating Rachel and Brendon, because I DVRed the show and the last few minutes were cut off. However, it’s really the best choice for her. If one of the veterans wins HoH next week, it’s one vote that won’t be cast automatically for Dani. This was her best move, and she’ll have an easier time getting one of Brenchel out than one of Jeff/Jordan.

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