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Big Brother 13, July 31 – Brenchel with a Snowball's Chance in Hell

Weeks like this one on Big Brother are what make watching reality TV worthwhile. Last week was such a bad one for Daniele. She was so safe with a Golden Key for four weeks and just had to ride that out. In the final week of safety she tried to make a big game move and it backfired on her as she became the biggest outcast, and she ended up losing her biggest ally in Dominic.

After Dominic was evicted, the Head of Household competition was endurance. The houseguests had to stand on sets of skis stuck into a mountain as they swayed back and forth. The mountain continually had its incline move more and more forward. At the end of the live show on Thursday, all the houseguests were still up on their skis, after just a few minutes.

Dani knows only Kalia is on her side and that she will go home if anyone other than herself, or possibly Kalia, wins HoH. After being Dani’s target last week, Jeff knows he or someone he trusts needs to win. Shelly wants to make sure that her alliance with the veterans stays safe.

Adam isn’t going to kill himself in this competition, obviously feeling somewhat safe. He just needs the newbies to keep thinking he’s with them, and for the veterans to think he still has their backs. He takes a fall after just 9 minutes. He gets to choose one of the five giant snowballs and has to wear an elf suit for a week. He’s not even sure what to do as an elf, since he’s Jewish. Lawon wants to win something, and is the next to “fall” at 19 minutes. He “wins” being a Have Not for the week when he chooses his snowball.

Shelly wants to prove she’s here to compete, and Porsche wants to prove the same thing, and that she can help keep the veterans safe. Rachel starts doing a cheer for Brendon, making Dani want to throw up, as she’s not a fan of cheerleaders at all. She’s had enough of Rachel talking about “my fiancé.” The fiancé is feeling a lot of pressure in his shoulders and arms, as is Jeff. Brendon jumps off after 35 minutes, completely flabbergasting Dani. His snowball makes him a Have Not for the week.

Jeff is the only guy left. He checks on Jordan to see to see how she’s holding up, and sees that all the girls are still looking really cozy. He knows if he jumps now, he has a 50/50 shot at 10 Gs, so he jumps. He gets the $10,000. Dani isn’t feeling any pain yet and says she just needs a pillow and some snacks. She’s not going anywhere. Jordan says her arms hurt, then falls after 57 minutes. The last snowball makes her a Have Not for the week.

Dani thinks the veterans want Porsche to win it so they can all play next week, yet have someone to carry out their wishes this week. As they all cheer on Porsche and Shelly, Dani tells Kalia that she’s doing wonderfully. Porsche claims to be having shoulder pains, but when describing it later in the DR, she points at the inside of her elbow. She jumps at 1:16. Shelly announces she won’t be coming off, and Rachel starts freaking out, saying it all on Shelly’s shoulders. Yeah, it can’t ride on Porsche’s shoulders, as she doesn’t even know where they are.

Kalia announces that everyone thought she was so weak, but now that they have forced her into a corner, she’s going to play. Brendon doesn’t get it, though, saying the competition is suited for her since it involves minimum movement, and she’s using her muffin top to stay up there. Brendon and Rachel are cuddling, making Dani suggest maybe they’re already saying their goodbyes.

Porsche starts chanting, “Josie,” Shelly’s daughter’s name. Kalia asks if the others are getting to Shelly, meaning if the veterans have convinced her to go against the newbies and work with them. Shelly tells her no, they just want her to see her kid, meaning through HoH pictures. This is making Kalia now only trust her 22%. Rachel wishes she would have been able to play in the this comp, as she’s sure she would have been a fierce competitor. Funnily enough, Dani suggests to Kalia that that’s what Rachel is saying.

Shelly falls off at 1:26. With only Kalia and Dani on the skis still, Jeff knows he has become a big target. The others all talk about Dani and Kalia and call them “classless people.” Dani says she hasn’t had an opportunity to win for about a month now and would love to. Kalia knows Dani is solid perched up there. She figures she’s pretty safe with Dani, and doesn’t think she’s going to drop, so drops at 1:37.


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