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Project Runway 9, Premiere – Come as You Are

Rafael basically made an outfit for a woman who is maybe 5’6″. Unfortunately, his model is probably at least 5’10”. In other words, he made a too-small white sleeveless shirt and extremely tight grey pants. He made a bib-like necklace out of his spotted head scarf.

Fallene sends down a sleeveless, striped black and white mini-dress with the puking clown decorating the bottom front. The dress’ halter-top has long white ties flowing down over the model’s shoulders. Fallene added a wide yellow-orange belt to the look. Bert made a dark grey mini-dress with a sleeveless top. Half of that top was made from orange and white print. He also included a grey belt.

Joshua C. sends down a tiny grey hoodie that seems to consist of little more than a hood and short sleeves. He added white shorts and a sleeveless shirt that is white in the back and bright orange in the front. Cecilia made an orange miniskirt with a strange poofy effect, a black tube-top, and a loose salmon shirt.

Afterwards, Heidi then calls Anthony, Joshua C., Anya, Bert, Julie, and Rafael. She then congratulates the designers she didn’t call and tells them they have moved onto the next round. The six she did call have to face the judges.

The judges start with Anthony, who explains his shirt originally had very bright yellow stripes. He used black trim to cover them up, thus creating a black and grey shirt. Michael likes the results and says he’s amazed that Anthony is color-blind. The judges praise him for using trim without going overboard.

Rafael had used his pajamas and made a tear pattern on his shirt. Heidi sees “problems,” while Nina thinks the outfit looks tight and dated. Michael calls the neckpiece a “Flintstones disco pouch,” and everybody hates the pants.

Julie had used pink pajama pants. Heidi had had high expectations based on what Julie had brought to casting, and is disappointed by Julie’s outfit. Christina sees construction issues. The judges don’t like color combination of the top, either.

Anya used a kimono for the top. Both Nina and Christina like it, and the judges agree the pants fit well. Bert had started with a grey shirt and orange and white boxers. Nina calls his dress adorable and sexy. Michael likes the dress, but hates the styling which is too old-fashioned.

Joshua C. wanted to make a fun summery look. Heidi dislikes his top, and the judges say the front is especially bad. Joshua says he wishes someone had told him that beforehand, and Michael scolds him, telling him that it is his responsibility to recognize a bad look. The other designers are his competitors, so they’re not going to help him. Nina calls the look uncreative, as he’d just made shorts and a tank top.

The judges deliberate and start by discussing the designers they’d disliked. Joshua’s outfit was ugly and garish, and he could have fixed his problems if he’d thought a little. Nina is put off by Rafael’s apparent fondness for extremely tight clothing, and the judges think Julie’s pants were ugly.

Onto the designers they did like. They give Anya props for making her first pair of pants and doing a good job. They also liked her top. Anthony had made an adorable t-shirt and didn’t overdo the embellishments. Bert had made an interesting and sophisticated dress, but he needs to seriously update his styling. Heidi is impressed by the fact that he’d apparently taken her earlier advice about not making overly simple clothes.

The judges announce the winner, and it’s Bert. Anya, Anthony, and Julie are in, leaving Josh C. and Rafael in the bottom two. Rafael is out.

The previews show the designers going to Petland and visiting an outdoor runway.

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