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Project Runway 9, Premiere – Come as You Are

The designers walk to Parson’s in their sleepwear, and Tim points out the supplies they will have at their disposal: new sewing machines, HP tablets, dyes, and so forth. He also tells them what the first challenge of the season is: Make an outfit out of their bed sheet and lingerie. He urges them to make substantial use of the dyes, ribbons, and other items available. In the interest of not having the designers work naked, Tim provides them with blue scrubs.

Fallene quickly decides she wants to use the picture on her pajamas. Said picture shows a clown puking. Laura Kathleen tells us that she’s relieved she was sleeping in silk pajamas. Several designers decide to dye their material, and Cecilia Motwani has some trouble in this department, as she can’t get her material the desired shade. Elsewhere, Anya has some trouble operating the sewing machine. Julie Tierny decides to make something sporty, while Anya decides to tackle pants.

Tim comes in to make his rounds and starts with Anthony, who is making a tank-top. He also wants to add feathers to his look, and Tim questions the placement of said feathers. He then checks on Fallene and is startled by the puking clown she’s using on her look. Joshua C. is making an orange shirt. Julie is making a shirt and pants, as Tim cautions her about time.

After briefly stopping by Bert, Olivier, and Kimberly, Tim stops by Anya, whose skills he’d questioned earlier. He likes what she’s done so far. He’s less pleased with Rafael, who is struggling with indecisiveness. Rafael isn’t sure how well his look will fit the model, for starters. He also has only neutral colors, grey and white, and Tim points out that Rafael’s multi-colored head scarf looks far more interesting than his clothes. He urges Rafael to use it – and warns him that the judges had seriously considered sending him home during the earlier eliminations.

Tim sends in the models, and Bert comments that he likes his model. Olivier Green and his model converse in what sounds like Italian, and Laura asks if they’re talking “foreign.” Sometime after that, the designers go home for the night.

The next morning, the designers get back to work. Rafael decides to use his head scarf as a neckpiece. Tim sends in the models, leading to the usual montage of people getting their hair and make-up done. Then it’s off to the runway, where Heidi welcomes everybody and gives them the standard spiel about the prizes. Three designers will show at Fashion Week (on national television). The winner will get an editorial spread in Marie Claire magazine, $100,000 from L’Oreal Paris to start their own line, a $50,000 technology suite from HP and Intel to help launch and run their business, and a chance to sell their products on Piperlime.com. The model lucky enough to be paired with the winning designer also gets some prizes. Sorry, Lifetime, but I still don’t buy the idea the models are also in a competition. Their fate is simply too dependent on the skill of the designers– and they don’t even get to pick which designer they’ll work with.

Heidi introduces the judges: usual suspects Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, and the guest judge Christina Ricci, an actress. (I remember when she was Wednesday in the Addams Family movies.)

Joshua McKinley goes first and sends down a black miniskirt decorated with light blue trim in front, a one-shouldered sleeveless black shirt, and a loose white vest. Laura made flowing grey pants with a stone-washed look to them and a sleeveless purple top. Danielle made light blue shorts and a two-toned, brown shirt with 3/4 length sleeves.

Viktor Luna made a cute black and white sundress with a striped collar. Becky sends down a one-shouldered, sleeveless aqua mini-dress with a wide brown stripe down the front and the back. Bryce sends down a black mini-skirt and a grey shirt with long, wide, flowing sleeves.

Anya made baggy grey pants and a patterned halter. The halter is mostly black, but has a red and green print. Julie sends down loose grey pants and a hideous one-shouldered shirt that tries to combine yellow and a screaming pink print. Olivier made a brown miniskirt and a long-sleeved, two-toned grey shirt with a V-shaped neckline.

Kimberly sends down white pants with silvery racing stripes down the side. She also made a sleeveless, backless white top and a wide, snug grey belt. Anthony made a black and grey tank top with some kind of ribbon or lace trim and a very snug blue-green miniskirt also decorated with black trim. Not bad for a guy who’s color-blind.