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Another One Bites the Dust on Last Comic Standing: Episode 8

Tonight’s episode began with Gary Gulman walking into the house after defeating Ant. A few of the comics were shocked, but not many seemed sad that Ant and his drama were gone.

One notable exception was Tammy Pescatelli. She and Ant were quite close.

The challenge was really tough. The comics faced a group of kids and had to perform as clowns. Making kids laugh is not easy. I have two. I can tell you they are pretty discriminating customers.

Kathleen Madigan connected with the kids and had them interact with her. She won the competition and immunity hands-down.

However, it was pretty funny watching the kids heckle poor, sweet Jay London. He didn’t have a good time of it. Neither did Tammy, Gary, or anyone else basically.

Kathleen took Corey and Gary with her to a fancy, sit-down restaurant. It was her prize for the challenge. They showed Corey acting in such a way as to piss off Ms. Manners or Martha Stewart. He asked if they had Kool-aid at the restaurant. (I thought that was pretty kool!)

Tammy tried to talk John Heffron into voting for Jay London in the head-to-head challenge. John said he wasn’t going to vote for anyone unless he felt he was honestly funnier than they were. He’s still smarting from the whole Bonnie debacle from the first challenge.

Later on, Tammy tried to convince Alonzo and Corey to do the same. The guys were loath to call Jay out. Tammy called them all cowards. She got pretty pissed at them.

She and Kathleen had a talk. Kathleen admitted that her main alliance was with Tammy so perhaps Ant was serious when he announced that he wasn’t the mastermind behind the whole thing.

The vote was all over the place, however. John voted for Corey. Corey voted for John. Tammy & Kathleen voted for Jay London. Gary voted for Tammy. Alonzo & Jay voted for Gary. Alonzo thought it was a safe strategy from the look on his face, but his vote sent Gary back to the head to head challenge.

Jay and Gary did very well at the Last Comic Theater. Jay had some of his funniest one-liners yet. Unfortunately, Gary was ON. He beat Jay almost 9 to 1.

Jay was so sweet. He was gracious in kind in defeat as he has been throughout the whole run. Gary was a bit saddened because, as he admitted before the challenge, he was rooting for Jay too.

Jay London is just that type of character. You want him to succeed. I am sure good things will come down the pike for him. He deserves them.

Next week should be very interesting: the four that have been voted off so far will return. Yes, we get to see Bonnie McFarlane, Todd Glass, Ant & Jay London again.

Stay tuned!


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